Pharma and Med-Tech: PR Insights from the Early Christmas Blitz

The holiday season is upon us. And with it another season’s worth of dismay at how early it starts. One minute you’re sneaking your kids’ Halloween candy, and the next you’re face to face with Santa at the mall after some time warp transported you into the holidays nearly two months ahead of time. It’s […]

Five External Pressures Facing MedTech and Their Impact on Marketing Strategies


Last month, I attended the 2016 conference for AdvaMed (Advanced Medical Technologies Association). Five key external pressures for the medtech industry emerged. What are they and what do they mean to marketing and communications strategies? Burden of product benefit is evolving – gone are the days of “benefits and features” selling products. Even clinical outcomes […]

3 Priorities for Every 2017 Hospital Marketing Budget

SOURCE: Healthcare Informatics Society of Ireland

As leaves change and temps fall, healthcare organizations that begin their fiscal year in January are finalizing budgets for 2017. With most hospitals grappling with flat or declining admissions, it’s now more important than ever for marketers to select the most impactful budget priorities. Fear not – PadillaCRT has outlined three priorities that should be on […]

3 Ways the Health Industry is Making Moves in 2016

Let’s face it, not everyone is itching to talk about the latest ventures in health care, but that’s changing in 2016. As the industry itself expands, out-of-the-box approaches have as well, breaking many traditional molds in health communications. With big changes come big ideas – and health care marketers have delivered in 2016 – producing […]

Defenders of the healthcare brand


How healthcare communication professionals can drive the top line while protecting the bottom line. For healthcare PR and marketing professionals, intentional communications has never been more important to the brand. Unprecedented consolidation in the industry continues as providers shift their business models from being rooted in volume to driving value. What’s more, technology has changed the way consumers, patients and even employees communicate, seek […]

The Internet vs. Your Doctor: Who to Trust

At a recent doctor’s appointment, my physician told me a story about a woman who needed treatment, but left in the middle of the appointment, proclaiming, “That’s not what the Internet said!” Because we live in an age where consumers can find almost anything they’d like online, sometimes it’s hard to determine who to trust. […]

Gen Z: Five Key Insights for Healthcare Brands

Source: Phenomena

Raise your hand if you’re tired of hearing about the Millennials. Employers have been trying to figure out how to deal with Millennials since they entered the work force about 15 years ago and healthcare has been bracing for the changes that they might bring as consumers.  Now, it’s time to start preparing for the […]

How to Lose Sales…on Purpose: A Lesson From the Canadian Tobacco Industry

On a recent trip to Canada, I had the privilege of exploring Niagara Falls, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. It’s always exciting to explore a new place and, that being said, I expected some cultural differences. Prior to my trip, I knew Canada had a different healthcare system than that of the U.S., but I quickly […]

Building a Better Newsroom INSIDE Your Company

When I was a reporter, I was skeptical of any “news” issued by businesses or other organizations. At the time (I’m dating myself here), that “news” was in the form of press releases and the occasional (rehearsed) media interview or press conference.  Even when we did report on company-generated news, we researched the heck out of it to make sure it was […]

It’s 2016 and I’m still going to the doctor’s office

Fitting in a doctor’s appointment during the week is no easy feat. By 2016, I thought I would have adapted to virtual consults – but so far that’s not the case.  While technology continues to transform healthcare, whether it be fitness trackers or online communities, the majority of patients still prefer to discuss their personal […]