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Could you be suffering from sleep-texting?

We’ve all heard of sleep-walking. Even sleep-eating. And we all know someone guilty of drunk-texting. But could you be suffering from sleep-texting? In this hyper-connected, digital age in which we live, sleep-texting is a real phenomenon and may even be on the rise. In February, CNN reported that while hard data is lacking about this […]

Hospital blogs strike fear in the heart of marketers

By Jenn Riggle One of the best ways to create thought leadership and develop a national reputation is to develop an external blog. Yet only 149 of the nation’s more than 5,700 registered hospitals have a corporate blog. This is a big issue because some community hospitals are now interested in building national reputation. Why? […]

Is your hospital ready for a HIPAA audit?

By Jenn Riggle Just in time for the holidays, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR), which enforces HIPAA privacy and security rules on behalf of the Department of Health & Human Services, announced it is ramping up its enforcement activities. While nothing to celebrate, these audits are definitely worth preparing for. In the past, OCR […]

New Guidance Gives RNs a Social Media Safety Net

By Jenn Riggle  Are the nation’s 2.6 million RNs invisible? Nurses have always been on the front line providing patient care. However, when hospitals develop their social media policies, they’ve often thought about how they should be customized to meet the needs of physicians- but somehow, they’ve forgotten about nurses. Maybe it’s not surprising that […]

Today’s Hospital: Enough About You…Let’s Talk About Me.

By Jenn Riggle Social media is a lot like talk radio – all talk, all the time. But the question is: Is anyone listening? Hospitals across the country are putting aside their HIPAA fears and recognizing that social media needs to be an integral part of their marketing efforts. They’re posting videos on YouTube, posting […]

Doctors on Facebook: Hide or Seek?

As the medical profession begins to dip its toe into social media, professional associations are starting to issue recommendations, particularly regarding Facebook.

Doctors Who Skype: Renegades or Heroes?

By Jenn Riggle Everyone’s talking about Skype – even physicians. Not only did Microsoft recently purchase the Internet telephone and video calling service for $8.5 billion, but new research reports that 7 percent of physicians are using videoconferencing technology like Skype to chat with their patients. And while videoconferencing has been around since the 1960s […]

Having a Sense of Humor is Key to Hospital Social Media Engagement

By Jenn Riggle   Saving lives is serious business. But when it comes to social media, it’s true that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Why? Because people don’t want to hear hospitals just talk about their quality programs or be reminded that they’re getting older and could get sick. Instead, they […]

Hospitals are Making a Mistake in the Delivery Room – Even If It Isn’t Caught on Camera

By Jenn Riggle While some hospitals are embracing social media and posting videos on YouTube and Facebook, others are taking a step backward. Families have taken photos and videos in the delivery room for decades. But a recent New York Times article revealed that there are a growing number of hospitals that are barring parents […]

Sleep Sweet Prince

By Mike Mulvihill   Life is unfair, unjust, downright merciless.  I learned Monday that an old friend lost her young son, Liam, to Neuroblastoma, a deadly form of pediatric cancer. He was just six years old.  Diagnosed when he was two, Liam’s family learned quickly that Neuroblastoma is a cancer only about 30 percent of children […]