Brand Journalism: Health Providers Embracing New Storytelling Strategy

The movement toward brand journalism offers special benefits to the health industry. Healthcare affects everyone’s life, so audiences naturally relate to timely news and information about topics like medical advances, patient treatments and personal health advice. Equally compelling are the human-interest stories that abound in the healthcare field. Such high-interest content makes brand journalism sites [...]

How Many Facebook Pages Does One Company Need?

Three companies who have it all figured out A single company can have a million services, but they only have one brand. Maybe that means one Facebook page, too. But what happens when consumers want to connect with only some of your services? Take a medical group, for example, which consists of different practices in [...]

5 Must-Read Health Communication Posts

With so much good content on the internet, it’s easy to miss a good post. This week as I was looking through past posts on the Buzz Bin, I stumbled upon so many great past posts that I enjoyed reading and learning from all over again. So this Thursday, I’m sharing five  must-read oldie but goodie [...]

The #1 Trick (or Treat) to Successfully Engage Your Facebook Community

Is the eerie silence from your Facebook fans becoming spooky? This Halloween we have just the trick to ignite (or reignite) your fan base and drive more fans to your page, which is the perfect Halloween treat for any Facebook community manager. Ironically, it’s this seemingly simple piece of advice that haunts you time and [...]

Five Instagram Secrets for Health Brands

I don’t need to explain the “awesomeness” that is Instagram, the photo app that essentially blew up overnight and now boasts over 100 million users. The app that first made its journey into the hands of the social media enthusiasts and the artsy photographer wannabes has quickly caught the attention of big brands. In fact, [...]

Social Media: The Key to Transforming Doctor-Patient Communication

By Rachael Seda (@rachaelseda) Your child has come down with a rasping cough. You put on your Dr. Mom hat, jump online and feverishly Google their symptoms, you check social media to see if any of your friend’s children are sick. Overwhelmed by the multitude of potential diagnoses, you decide to wait and see if the cough [...]

5 Tips to Help Medical Tourism Brands Thrive in the Digital Age

By Rachael Seda (@rachaelseda) Would someone actually travel to another country for medical care? Yes, according to CDC data up to 750,000 U.S. residents travel to another country for lower-cost medical or dental care each year and an Ipsos survey found that 38% of U.S. residents are open to health care abroad. The rising cost [...]

Are We Trying To Do Too Much in Health Care Social Media?

Guest post by Nancy Cawley Jean I recently read an article announcing MyBCTeam, a new social network for women with breast cancer. Initially I thought, “What a wonderful idea.” The social network targets a set demographic audience, women uniquely bonded by their experience with breast cancer. It’s this unique shared bond that draws these women to [...]

Communicating with Patients Online: Where Real Wellness Begins

With the healthcare industry moving toward a model of population health management and needing to keep people healthy and out of the hospital, patient-doctor communication takes on a whole new level of importance – and it starts online.

The New Dr. Mom?

By Kim Blake @kimkblake Warning – this blog post contains hot button topics like vaccines and circumcision.  If this were, one of the top communities for moms, you could expect about 25 pages of comments in an hour.  It’s no surprise that these issues are hotly debated – they are two of the most [...]