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“I Can’t Stand This Indecision…

By Mike Mulvihill   …married with a lack of vision.” Ah, I often recall these lyrics from popular Tears for Fear song, Everybody Wants to Rule the World (1985) when I think of government In last Tuesday’s Buzz Bin, I lamented that Congress was likely to gut the Obama administration budget that contained more than […]

Less Wasted Energy Would Beget a Better Energy Plan

By Mike Mulvihill The art of debate has given way to the bully pulpit of the zealous. Red states versus blue states, FOX conservative demagogues versus liberal MSNBC whack jobs and environmentalists versus business. Regardless of the correctness of their premise, zealots have created most of the world’s most serious ills – outside of pandemics […]

Green Energy Claims Too Good to Be True

  By Mike Mulvihill Before the powerful pheromone of green energy seduces the nation into scrapping our existing energy infrastructure, perhaps it would be good to look more closely at those alternative power sources.  Robert Bryce, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, penned an article in the Washington Post a few weeks back on the […]

Hold The Line. Energy Changes Are a Long Time Coming

 By Mike Mulvihill      Wind Power. Renewable Energy. Green Economy. There is an awesome amount of momentum in the America right now around all of these topics. We’re on the cusp of real change in how we create the gobs of energy we increasingly consume in a manner that is kinder and gentler to Mother […]