The End of the Smartphone As We Know It

The cold March wind swept across the old streets crisscrossing historical industrial structures and warehouses near Old City Manchester in Virginia. On my bike, I had to fight to keep my balance in the wind. It started raining again. At that instant, I was conveniently crossing railroad tracks under a bridge. While I waited for [...]

Run for the Borders—How Food Retailers Can Embrace the Future and Avoid a Slow Death

by Jason Stemm (@NYCubsFan) The recent demise of Borders got me thinking how the rise of technology and evolving consumer trends are impacting other retail segments. Some food retailers are embracing these changes and actively incorporating new technology and changes in consumer behavior to stay relevant. Barnes & Noble saw the impact of Amazon earlier [...]

New GE Brains Boost Buzz

Paul Glader’s article last weekend in The Wall Street Journal online about a new twist in the ongoing GE up-from-the ashes saga gave me hope that public relations people will get their day in the sun at this famously left-brained outpost of capitalism. I’m a great fan of GE — even took some Six Sigma [...]

BlogPotomac Emcee Shonali Burke Discusses Social Media

This begins an informal series of interviews with the people who are speaking at the Final BlogPotomac (October 23, at the State Theatre, register today!), and what better person to begin with than the emcee? Shonali Burke is the incoming  president of IABC-DC, and adjunct faculty at Johns Hopkins University’s Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts [...]

Podcast: The Future of Online Media

Last Thursday, John C. Havens (co-author of the outstanding book Tactical Transparency) and I did a BlogTalkRadio show on the future of online media. It was a pretty outstanding podcast focusing on why social media is dead from a communications innovation standpoint, the CRT/tanaka acquisition, mobile media, augmented realities, and the Twitter overhype situation. Have [...]

Clarification on “Social Media Is Dead”

Well, I’ve been called arrogant three times privately, anonymously and now publicly because of Thursday’s post on “Why a Final BlogPotomac: Social Media Really is Dead.” There have been public posts, some debating or decrying the discussion, others turning it into a parody.  My feelings about social media innovation still remain the same, but based [...]

Pew/Internet’s Future: A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep

Pew/Internet released its third Future of the Internet study this past Sunday. Really the study is a benchmark survey of thought leaders in the business and reveals some very obvious brush strokes as well as a startling thought or two. Some general thoughts on the report before diving into specific findings… It’s a highly subjective [...]