Four Steps to Opening Social Media to Employees

Compared to other industries, healthcare has been slow to adopt social media to engage employees. For many, their focus has been to use social media to market services to consumers and to engage with the community. But when it comes to employees, social media is considered a “hands off” communication tool by managers who fear [...]

Sustainable Sustainability Efforts: Look Inside First

By Jennifer Lucado (@Jennifer_Lucado) One thing that really gets my blood boiling is when someone implies – or, you know, says outright – that PR is nothing but spin. Yesterday I read a great post on the Guardian Sustainable Business blog: Using PR as an agent for change in corporate sustainability. To be fair, I’m [...]

Do Well By Doing Good: How volunteerism can boost health of your business #CSR

  By Julie McCracken This Friday, CRT/tanaka will close all five of our offices for our annual Community Service Day, or what we like to call “the best day of the year.” Whether serving people in a soup kitchen, packing boxes at the Food Bank or playing memory games with seniors at an adult care [...]

Growing a green office? Water the roots.

By Natalie Smith A focus on reducing your company’s environmental footprint is no longer just a nice to have – in today’s business environment, it should be a mandatory part of your corporate responsibility program. Not only do your external stakeholders expect you to care about your environmental impact, but your employees do as well [...]

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Responsibility

By Emily Valentine (@ebvalentine) While some companies still see corporate responsibility as fluff, increasing evidence that responsible brands perform better financially than their less-responsible peers means the skeptics are becoming fewer and farther between. I recently completed an inter-office tour with my CR-expert colleagues to foster dialogue around this topic. The goal of our tour [...]

Stressed! The Need for Greater Work-Life Balance

   By Jeff Wilson, APR (@wilson0507) Over the past several weeks, there have been several reports indicating that Americans are working more and are more stressed than ever. A report released this past week by stated that the average American worker earned 18 vacation days in 2010, but only used 14 of them. Conversely, [...]

Choosers of the Slain & Being A Best Place to Work

by Michael Whitlow Our three Virginia offices shared the “Best Places to Work” spotlight (see Principles pay dividends) with a defense engineering company by the name of Valkyrie Enterprises last week, winning our top spot in the small business category as they earned theirs in the mid-sized category. For CRT/tanaka, this was a wonderful tribute to follow a [...]

5 Tips to Turn Employees into Corporate Brand Ambassadors

By Jeff Wilson, APR (@wilson0507) In September, my PR firm – CRT/tanaka – brought together the employees from our five offices for a corporate retreat. Along with providing quality professional development and strategic planning sessions, the retreat was a great way to interact with co-workers outside the confines of the office or a conference call. [...]