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PR in a Digital World – A Q&A with University of Richmond’s Cynthia Price

Cynthia Price, who describes herself as a life-long learner and explorer, is director of media and public relations for the University of Richmond (UR). She proactively promotes the institution and its priorities, as well as university accomplishments, events and initiatives to national, regional and local media. She also spearheads university crisis communications, crafting messages to […]

Rally ‘Round the Presidents: College Leaders Express Optimism on Local Economies

By Christian Munson Last week, we tapped the economic recovery brakes big time. Unemployment ticked up to 9.1 percent. Manufacturing stalled, home prices slumped and Congressman Anthony Weiner reaffirmed the public’s confidence in our elected leadership when he tweeted his own stimulus package. As recovery screeched, however, one of my colleagues pointed me to a […]

Can Wellness Spending Save the U.S.?

By Jason Stemm @NYCubsFan As I watch coverage of a potential government shutdown, John King of CNN reports that 93% of the Department of Education would be furloughed. No numbers were given for the FDA. It would be assessed based on risk. This includes inspectors at ports and in fields, monitoring the safety of our […]

PMA Fresh Summit Shines Light on Future of the Produce Industry

By Jason Stemm @NYCubsFan This year’s Fresh Summit, the largest U.S. industry show for produce and floral hosted by the Produce Marketing Association (PMA), highlighted the innovation that can help impact the flat trends in produce consumption. My Fresh Summit began with the launch of red celery and radish mini sticks from Duda Farm Fresh […]

Reaching People with Nutrition Messaging

by Jason Stemm @nycubsfan   Working in the Lewis & Neale food division of CRT/tanaka, we have the fortune of representing the growers and shippers of many healthy fruits and vegetables from blueberries to sweet potatoes. Positive messages about antioxidants and healthy options for diabetic diets present opportunities for dialogue with media and consumers about […]

Introducing the Social Media Rabbi