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Is Google the New Family Doc?

We used to rely on family, friends and old wives tales to diagnose medical conditions. Now, we’re looking to Google for what ails us. Should this trend concern health care professionals?

5 Reasons for Businesses to Blog in 2013

Though social media has become an integrated part of virtually all businesses and their communications strategies, it surprises me that some companies are still questioning the value of a blog. Here are 5 reasons for healthcare organizations to embrace this .

Identity Crisis: Mergers of Secular and Faith-based Health Systems

Most hospitals and health systems are looking to partner or align in some way. Why? For solid business reasons. However, some mergers, acquisitions and alignments are failing – it must be about more than just the numbers.

Strong Brands Support Strong Reputations

By Debbie Myers (@debamyers) This article first appeared, in part, in HBAdvantage, a newsletter of the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association. With healthcare reform driving increased scrutiny of hospitals and providers by the government, insurance companies and consumers, the importance of managing corporate reputation is a topic that has reached the C-suite. However, many organizations do not have […]

Olympics on Your Mind? Three Ways to Become a Better Athlete

If the 2012 Olympic Games chatter is inspiring you to step up your athletic performance, read here for three strategies that may help you become a better athlete.

Merge, Acquire, Golf: What healthcare can learn from the greatest game ever played

With mergers, acquisitions and innovative partnerships are occurring on a weekly basis, there are a few things they can learn from golf, the greatest game ever played.

Housewares to Healthcare – 3 Marketing Lessons that Bridge Industries

Though healthcare seems vastly different from the world of housewares, I’ve found that public relations and marketing basics apply across industries. Here are some reminders from the consumer industry that are helpful for any healthcare marketer.

The Science of Getting Healthy – What Marketers Can Learn from Research

From corporations to insurers to health care providers, there is a rush to reward those who take proactive steps in living a healthier lifestyle…even in academic research. Read how Denver is taking the lead in this trend.

Beware of Oversharing in the Age of Facebook

Sharing photos of your loved ones on Facebook is a great way to connect with family and friends. But are you sharing too much online?

Brands That Are Great by Choice

I had the opportunity to hear from Morten Hansen, co-author of Great by Choice, at the recent Forum for Healthcare Strategists conference in Orlando. Here are some the key attributes of leaders who were able to lead companies in some of our country’s most volatile industries to succeed when others failed.