BuzzLine: “Eye of the Tiger” Caption Contest

This week, the BuzzLine is mixing things up. We’re asking for your best caption-writing skills. Here goes! Just like the kiddies at summer camp, tiger cubs at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., had to take a swim reliability test this week to prove they were fit to go on exhibit. They passed. (Talk about [...]

BuzzLine Contest – Week 22 – Make Mine a Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte!

It’s Friday! That means it’s time for the BuzzLine, a weekly “six-word” contest, which gives you a chance to win a Starbucks gift card. Congrats to Desiree, last week’s BuzzLine winner for her first six words for an alien encounter. Check out her response and all the others here. On to this week! The crisp morning [...]

Today is the Day!

PadillaCRT is officially open for business. Our acquisition of long-time partner agency CRT/tanaka is complete, and our union puts us in the top 10 independent PR agencies in the country. Our new agency is 100 percent employee-owned, meaning all 190 of us have skin in the game. We know that what’s good for our clients is [...]

BuzzLine Contest – Week 18 – PadillaCRT, Together the Best

Before we get started on CRT/tanaka’s most meaningful BuzzLine, we’re sending a big congratulations to Jennifer Lucado for her winning response to last week’s BuzzLine. Thanks, Jennifer! Now, let’s buzz. You’ve heard the good news – we’re creating a new kind of agency with our long-time partner Padilla Speer Beardsley, forming one of the top [...]

Pin the Tail On the… How To Nail Pinterest For Brands

Pinterest: It’s the third largest social platform. According to ComScore, it reached 46 million visitors in July. And the social network recently told USA Today it believes it can just keep growing. Why? Likely because click-through and sales conversion rates are better on Pinterest than on either Facebook or Twitter. That’s one reason my colleague [...]

Could you be suffering from sleep-texting?

We’ve all heard of sleep-walking. Even sleep-eating. And we all know someone guilty of drunk-texting. But could you be suffering from sleep-texting? In this hyper-connected, digital age in which we live, sleep-texting is a real phenomenon and may even be on the rise. In February, CNN reported that while hard data is lacking about this [...]

BuzzLine Contest – Week 17 – Yay Yahoo!

It’s Friday, and we’re buzzin’, but first, congrats to Jeff Wilson, BuzzLine’s latest winner! Yahoo! made news this week. A year after Marissa Mayer took over as CEO, Yahoo! edged Google in U.S. web traffic in July. It’s the first time at the top for Yahoo! since May 2011. And this doesn’t include web traffic [...]

How to Keep Your Ad Campaign from Becoming the Next PR Nightmare

Let me start by saying that when I drink soda, I often choose Dr. Pepper –I like the taste. However, like many others, I was horrified by the launch of Dr. Pepper 10, a drink they promoted as “not for women.” According to USA Today, the drink resulted from the company’s research, which found that [...]

5 Steps to Nail Every Media Interview (Step 4: Identify the Money Question & Write the Quote)

Whenever I spend time training executives about becoming more effective communicators, I always ask them to think of their favorite quote. I then ask them to count the number of words in that quote. The typical answer ranges from 4 – 8 words. The reason this is important is covered in step four of our five-step [...]

5 Steps to Nail Every Media Interview (Step 3: Work On The Transition From One Message To The Next)

During my last posts, we introduced the first two steps in nailing every Q&A session; start with the questions and then develop your key messages that answer every question. Now on to step three. This is the rule that most people pay little attention to in the early stages of our training sessions only to [...]