5 Crisis Management Tips Learned from March Madness

This is a refresh of a previous blog post. I’ve come up with a few more insights about the parallels between crisis management and college basketball. Forget the Super Bowl or the World Series. For me, the most exciting time in sports is March. That’s because it’s almost time for college basketball’s March Madness! I [...]

Turning a Communications Crisis into an Opportunity

By Catherine Gryp (@cgryp) As more than 67 million Americans watched the presidential debates last Wednesday night, former governor Mitt Romney ignited a social media firestorm when he expressed his views on federal funding of PBS: “I’m sorry, Jim, I’m going to stop the subsidy to PBS… I like PBS, I love Big Bird. Actually [...]

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire: A Look at the Chick-fil-A Controversy

By Samantha Cox (@samanthamcox) Regardless of where you stand on the issue of gay marriage, there’s no denying that the recent Chick-fil-A controversy has left us with an endless amount of food for thought. CEO Dan Cathy’s statements have brought a range of additional issues to the table over the past month – from free [...]

The Annihilation of the Penn State Brand

By Sam Lantor Note: The recent events at Penn State University have shattered the image of the school’s legendary football program and its storied coach Joe Paterno. The impact on the university’s reputation will be felt for years to come and will impact more than athletics. Following is a blog post from one of CRT/tanaka’s [...]

Managing a Crisis on the Web

By Jason Poulos (@TheSaganaki) Whether it’s a massive power outage, contaminated food issue or an ethics disagreement, a crisis can strike your client at any time. To properly manage communications around the issue, a page on their website, subdomain or microsite might be created to help inform people about what’s happening. But which avenue is [...]

The Final Four: Crisis Management Lessons Learned from March Madness

By Jeff Wilson, APR (@wilson0507) Of all the sporting events I watch, March Madness has got to be my favorite. I love that every school in the tournament – big and small – has a shot at greatness, at least for “one shining moment.” I’m a sucker for a good Cinderella story. And I almost [...]

Mad as Hell

by Mike Mulvihill In preparing this post, my research found hundreds of blog posts regarding last Friday’s SEC suit against Goldman Sachs (i.e., deceitful, if not illegal, activities in the mortgage securities market debacle that brought on the recession we appear to be just exiting).  And now today’s news, which has generated over 1,000 posts  – [...]

A Tale of Two Damaged Brands

by Mike Mulvihill Toyota just can’t stop sticking its finger in the proverbial light socket these days.  As my blog post back in early February lamented when the automaker took 10 days to communicate to the public about its rapid acceleration problems, Toyota’s approach to crisis communications has repeatedly been too little, too late.  Now, [...]

Rapid Brand Deceleration

 By Mike Mulvihill Ten days. In today’s social media fueled world, a crisis can begin – and even end – in hours, if not minutes. Ten days. That’s how long it took Toyota to announce a fix to the rapid acceleration (faulty gas pedal) problem that prompted a recall of 4.2 million cars worldwide and [...]

Crisis Communications for the Social Web

Crisis Communications on the Social Web View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: social media) The reality of business is that crisis happens. Whether it’s cyanide in your medicine, your inability to get airplanes off the ground, or a financial implosion, companies inevitably face difficult, even life threatening situations. Those situations demand crisis management [...]