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10 Ways Whole Foods is Raising the Bar in #CSR

My love affair with Whole Foods started in college, when I would drive 20 minutes to their nearest store just so I could get my pick of the juiciest grapefruits, creamiest avocados and crunchiest granola in town. Since then, my fondness for the brand has only grown, and while this has a lot to do […]

5 Tips for Successfully Tying Your Business Into Your Foundation

By Joanna Fay Leis (@JoannaFayL) Starting a corporate foundation is a huge undertaking. It’s a responsibility that requires people, money, and a number of other resources. But most importantly it requires a purpose. Any company can start a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative but creating a foundation takes CSR to another level. It is when […]

What’s your yardstick? In corporate responsibility, how and what you measure matters.

By Cheryl Robinson, APR As PR pros, we look at measuring the success of our efforts using pretty clear criteria. But for companies trying to measure the impact of their corporate responsibility efforts, the formula, historically, has been much less clear. In our industry, measurement has evolved beyond just the numbers to include things like […]

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Fire: A Look at the Chick-fil-A Controversy

By Samantha Cox (@samanthamcox) Regardless of where you stand on the issue of gay marriage, there’s no denying that the recent Chick-fil-A controversy has left us with an endless amount of food for thought. CEO Dan Cathy’s statements have brought a range of additional issues to the table over the past month – from free […]

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Corporate Responsibility

By Emily Valentine (@ebvalentine) While some companies still see corporate responsibility as fluff, increasing evidence that responsible brands perform better financially than their less-responsible peers means the skeptics are becoming fewer and farther between. I recently completed an inter-office tour with my CR-expert colleagues to foster dialogue around this topic. The goal of our tour […]

“Cause” for Confusion: Why Giving Back Shouldn’t Give You a Headache

By Samantha Cox (@samanthamcox)   Corporate responsibility…corporate social responsibility…cause marketing…cause-related marketing…corporate citizenship…corporate giving…corporate philanthropy…community involvement…community relations.…………….HUH??? Confused? Feeling the slow creep of a migraine setting in? You’re not alone. With so many different terms being used today to represent an array of increasingly important initiatives, it’s easy to get lost in this overwhelming forest of […]

CSR: How Do You Figure Out What You’re Getting Back?

By Natalie Smith, APR Does “giving back” get you anything back? This is the question that often plagues companies as they establish and build their corporate social responsibility (CSR) platforms. Inevitably, battle lines are drawn not only over whether or not giving back provides a good return on investment, but over how to measure to […]