5 Tips to Ensure Digital Marketing Success in 2014

In early April I had a great experience at the ClickZ Live Digital Marketing Conference in New York. During the three-day event I was bombarded with glorious amounts of information, stats, “aha” moments, head scratchers and confirmation that what I’ve been reading hasn’t been a bunch of malarkey. It’s impossible to synthesize all the information [...]

4 Tips to Get Your Health Care Company LinkedIn

If you’re a health care company, you probably need to do a lot of work on your LinkedIn presence. The professional networking site is too often relegated to an online jobs board, despite the multiple content-sharing tools the site has introduced over the last year. In fact, just this week LinkedIn opened up its previously invitation-only “influencers” program to everyone, giving users the opportunity to publish full-length content.

Buried Treasure: How to Maximize the Content You Already Have

In healthcare, people don’t generally like to think about reusing things –unless, of course, they’ve been sterilized. Whether your hospital just started a new fiscal year or you are getting ready for budget season, now is a good time to be thinking about how you can reuse, reimagine and repurpose content you already have to [...]

The #1 Trick (or Treat) to Successfully Engage Your Facebook Community

Is the eerie silence from your Facebook fans becoming spooky? This Halloween we have just the trick to ignite (or reignite) your fan base and drive more fans to your page, which is the perfect Halloween treat for any Facebook community manager. Ironically, it’s this seemingly simple piece of advice that haunts you time and [...]

Why You Should Never Tweet A News Release

By Rachael Seda (@rachaelseda) I remember my first PR writing class. While I enjoyed it, I distinctively remember the painstaking feeling of having the creative joy sucked out of me when I had to write my first news release, and again when I wrote my second, and so on. If I didn’t want to read [...]

Social Media Is A Commitment

Last night, I attended #smcrva where @DeanHolmes talked on the topic of “Evaluating Your Content”. He showed how the message should drive the strategy. It’s not about the marketing – it’s all about the content! This is a basic concept, but often forgotten in the rush to adopt the next big trend. So if it’s [...]

SOBCon Presentation: Integrating Social Media into the Larger Mix

The SOBCON presentation “Integrating Social Media into the Larger Mix” that I gave on Saturday sparked quite a discussion at the event as well as on Twitter. Here is a brief narrative version to accompany the deck, which is also embedded in this post. Integrating Social Media – SobCon 09 Presentation View more presentations from [...]