Silence is the Virtue of Fools

What he probably did not anticipate was for Coca-Cola to feature a story about the ban on its own website. Seem counterintuitive?

How Communicators Play Doctor: Diabesity and Direction

By April Sciacchitano (@aprilcs) As health communicators, we liaise between health organizations and the American people.  It’s a huge opportunity because communication is an area of innovation in health. It also means we have more opportunity, if less authority, than medical professionals to help people create healthy lifestyles. The National Center for Health Statistics reported [...]

With 51% of men saying they are chief grocery shoppers, why are marketers still ignoring us?

By Jeff Wilson, APR (@wilson0507) I love to cook. I would never describe myself as a “foodie,” but I enjoy cooking. I find it mildly therapeutic.  After a long and stressful day at work, I enjoy going home and whipping up a tasty meal. On weekends, when I have more time, I enjoy cracking open [...]

Emotional Baggage Marketing – Let’s Unpack

By April Sciacchitano (@aprilcs) It’s the middle of January, and you’ve probably noticed the dwindling number of New Year’s resolutioners at your gym. Even people who “resolve” to be healthy have trouble making it stick. Why? There are real emotions at play when it comes to health decisions and regimens. Marketers need to understand these [...]