BuzzLine: SAVE BIG!

Happy Friday. We’ll make this quick today so as not to impede the weekend’s arrival by even a second. You saw the story this week about the young man who determined he could save the federal government hundreds of millions of dollars annually? Simply by changing the font used? Suvir Mirchandani calculated the cost of [...]

BuzzLine: Be the Next “Between Two Ferns” Sensation!

Between two what? Ferns? I’m out of the loop, but President Barack Obama isn’t. He appeared Tuesday on the apparently wildly popular web show to push The appearance received mixed reviews. Many praised it. Many did not. From a measurable marketing standpoint, however, a 40% increase in referral traffic to the target website is [...]

BuzzLine: Save It or Spend It?

Don’t forget to move your clocks forward this weekend, and don’t forget to pay your taxes. You have a little over a month to get those returns filed with Uncle Sam. The sooner you do it, the faster you’ll receive that refund check, if you’ve got one coming to you. According to USA Today this [...]

BuzzLine: Winter vs. Summer – An Olympic Competition

While the warm Russian weather has the Today Show comparing Sochi to South Beach and cross country skiers wearing tank tops, I still think the Winter Olympics are the coolest. Always have. The “Miracle on Ice” sent me sock-sliding around the house for days and legendary ski jumper Eddie the Eagle still makes me laugh. [...]

BuzzLine: Sell Out the Super Bowl!

It’s Super Bowl weekend! Going to the game? I hear tickets are still available. Even with game time forecasts predicting a heat wave of 30+ degrees, ticket prices keep falling. Is it because the teams aren’t “sexy?” Is it because a cheap ticket at $1,515 is outrageous for a game in New Jersey between unsexy [...]

BuzzLine: What Would Bieber’s Publicist Do?

If you’re even remotely interested in the pop culture scene, you know Bieber has recently, well, lost his way. Even the completely uninterested likely haven’t escaped the “news” about the 19 year-old’s recent antics – drag racing, taking drugs, drinking and driving, resisting arrest… And the cherry on top? Rumors about his possible deportation. Bieber, [...]

BuzzLine Contest: Cell Service in the Skies?

Cell phone addicts, you are clear for takeoff. Maybe. The Federal Communications Commission is reconsidering its ban on calling your mom, texting your friends or playing Words with Friends from 30,000 feet. Airlines would have to install special antennae before passengers can start talking, and at least one flight attendant group is against the measure. [...]

BuzzLine Contest – Halloween Hit or Miss

Welcome to the end of the work week and the BuzzLine, PR’s favorite six-word contest. And this week, its spookiest, too. Halloween is just around the corner. Are you dressing up for a party, or to take the kids trick-or-treating? Many will look to Hollywood for inspiration and earn rave reviews. And many will not wear [...]

BuzzLine 6-Word Contest: Just One More!

I knew it! Major media this week reported scientists’ conclusion that Oreos may be as addictive as cocaine. The high fat and sugar levels in the famous sandwich cookies stimulate the brain’s pleasure sensors (in lab rats, anyway) just like drugs do, making it hard to resist just one. Or nine. Scientists haven’t studied the [...]

BuzzLine 6-Word Contest – Shutdown Sound Off

We typically steer clear of politics here at the BuzzLine, but if our office is anything like your workplace, even the quiet ones have something to say about the federal government shutdown. What better scenario for a BuzzLine? If you knew the U.S. House of Representatives started each workday reading the PadillaCRT BuzzLine, what six [...]