Repetition Works

“15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance.” I was curious to know how much GEICO was spending to make America so unbelievably aware of who they are and what benefit they provide. According to AdAge’s “Most-advertised Brands by 2012 U.S. Measured-Media Spending,” GEICO was the fifth biggest media spender, posting a [...]

Don’t be generic (or tragic) like this brand video

These days, a company’s brand is just as if not more important than its products. And, a trend has emerged where we are seeing a whole lot more brand advertising in videos designed to emotionally connect consumers, wherein companies small and large don’t really attempt to sell anything. They just hope viewers will connect with [...]

How to Get Complete Strangers to Reveal Their Deepest Secrets

(a.k.a. How to Conduct a Great Research Interview) So many of us have to conduct interviews as part of research. It’s one of the most important parts of the research process in many projects, especially when we do corporate branding here at PadillaCRT. I like to say that we never “invent” brands, but instead “discover” [...]

How Many Facebook Pages Does One Company Need?

Three companies who have it all figured out A single company can have a million services, but they only have one brand. Maybe that means one Facebook page, too. But what happens when consumers want to connect with only some of your services? Take a medical group, for example, which consists of different practices in [...]

Got Milk? What Kind?

Last night I went to Trader Joe’s to buy milk. Sounds like a simple task, right? Wrong. This was me when I got to the milk aisle: There were so many options, I didn’t know where to start. Soy? I hear that’s good for you. Almond? That sounds delicious. Coconut? Will it make my skin [...]

Kevin Flores Joins PadillaCRT as Group Creative Director

RICHMOND, Va. – (March 4, 2014) – Kevin Flores, founder and executive creative director of The Flores Shop, has joined PadillaCRT as vice president and group creative director. He will direct creative design and digital work in the agency’s Richmond office. “Our creative group is a source of competitive advantage for us, and Kevin adds [...]

Tips for Brand Buy-In on the Inside

Fewer than half of employees believe in their company’s brand. Even less are equipped to deliver to on it. Often, this happens when a company focuses all its brand launch efforts on external messaging and media, leaving your team feeling disengaged and skeptical. But, recently, we’ve seen more and more brand repositions work best when [...]

PadillaCRT rolls out new branding: Agency aims to help clients articulate and achieve their purposes

MINNEAPOLIS – Feb. 10 – PadillaCRT today unveiled its new brand identity, aimed at helping clients understand and articulate what drives them, then channeling all the agency’s efforts toward achieving their purposes. The new brand is the culmination of a process that began when Padilla Speer Beardsley acquired Richmond-based CRT/tanaka to form PadillaCRT last September. [...]

Our Purpose: Helping You Achieve Yours

Valuable brands have one thing in common: they take us to a place beyond products, pricing, promotions, processes and even people. Yes, they deliver on these attributes. But they also tie themselves to deeply held convictions. Their every interaction is an expression of brand strength. At PadillaCRT, we are building a brand that is respected [...]

An Open Letter to Bill Gates and Satya Nadella

This week, Microsoft moved forward with a management team that was both familiar and radically different. Satya Nadella, a 20-year Microsoft veteran took the helm as CEO and at his right hand, Bill Gates returned as Founder and Technology Advisor. The company is far from a failure, with sales of $83 billion and a market [...]