Tips for Brand Buy-In on the Inside

Fewer than half of employees believe in their company’s brand. Even less are equipped to deliver to on it. Often, this happens when a company focuses all its brand launch efforts on external messaging and media, leaving your team feeling disengaged and skeptical. But, recently, we’ve seen more and more brand repositions work best when [...]

PadillaCRT rolls out new branding: Agency aims to help clients articulate and achieve their purposes

MINNEAPOLIS – Feb. 10 – PadillaCRT today unveiled its new brand identity, aimed at helping clients understand and articulate what drives them, then channeling all the agency’s efforts toward achieving their purposes. The new brand is the culmination of a process that began when Padilla Speer Beardsley acquired Richmond-based CRT/tanaka to form PadillaCRT last September. [...]

Our Purpose: Helping You Achieve Yours

Valuable brands have one thing in common: they take us to a place beyond products, pricing, promotions, processes and even people. Yes, they deliver on these attributes. But they also tie themselves to deeply held convictions. Their every interaction is an expression of brand strength. At PadillaCRT, we are building a brand that is respected [...]

Being the Amazon of Healthcare: Accelerating Patient Engagement

Depending on who you ask, you may get a different definition of patient engagement. To some, patient engagement is synonymous with having a patient portal (access to their personal medical record). For some, patient engagement requires that people actually use the patient portal. The people that give those answers are likely healthcare IT professionals or [...]

Keep Calm and Throw a Kick A$$ Twitter Party

You’re like a little kid at the candy store, you can hardly sit still you’re so excited about the exciting things you want to share with your audience. But you don’t want to just tell them, you want to knock their socks off! So how do you inspire your audience to put their dancing shoes [...]

How to Avoid Watering Down Your Brand

What Carnival Cruise Lines & Maker’s Mark Can Teach Us About Brand Decision Making By Kelly O’Keefe (@kellyokeefe) What a month it’s been for brand blunders. In recent days, the world’s largest cruise line, one known for its luxury accommodations, handed its travelers plastic bags and asked them to use them for their solid waste. That [...]

Don’t call it the Academy Awards; call it the #Oscars!

By CRT/tanaka’s Brand Group On Sunday night, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences continued its quest to appeal to a younger audience. The show enlisted Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane to host the 85th Academy Awards – oh, wait, we mean “The Oscars.” This year, the Academy decided to rebrand the program in [...]

Diluting Your Brand. Literally.

THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara) I’m a bourbon girl. I’ve never been a huge fan of vodka, gin makes me sort of angry and rum leaves a drumbeat in my skull the morning after. I like a range of bourbons, but Maker’s Mark has always been my go-to with its honeyed flavors [...]

Why American Airlines’ New Brand Really Isn’t

By Christian Munson                   American Airlines’ new logo generated a lot of press about its “new” brand recently. Don’t believe the hype! AA’s graphic design and presentation has changed, and I love it. The new symbol on the fuselage is a nice evolution of old to new, [...]

Crisis Communication Lessons from the Tragedy at Sandy Hook

By Catherine Gryp (@cgryp) Like the rest of the country, I watched the news of the Sandy Hook school shooting with shock, sadness and an incredible feeling of loss. I’ve shed many tears for the innocent lives lost. As I have been monitoring the media coverage of this tragedy, the communicator side of my brain [...]