3 Booze Marketing Lessons the Suburbs Taught Me

After six years of the Big Apple grind, my husband and I relocated to the ‘burbs of Richmond, Virginia. Working in beverage marketing, I am fully aware this is media no-man’s-land. For nearly a decade, I had been so busy catering to major market influencers that I rarely thought about the best way to engage [...]

A Toast to Passion – One Path to Finding Your Voice

In life, finding a voice is speaking and living the truth. – John Grisham John Grisham is a smart guy and sells a lot of books. Whether or not you enjoy his chosen genre or style, you have to concede that he’s found his voice, and makes a good point here. I’ve been preparing to [...]

5 Ways to Demystify Bubbly

In an office full of closet wine nerds (in our industry, being smug about wine is decidedly uncool – hence the closet), we’ve found consumer awareness of sparkling wine falls into one of two extreme categories:  people whose Mom’s drank Riunite and who now turn to prosecco, or those with Krug in their glass since [...]

3 Tips to Promoting Booze Health Benefits without a PR Hangover

I love science, especially when research findings justify my self-prescribed glass of wine after a long day. So far, 2013 has not disappointed with new studies on the health benefits of wine. In February, the New England Journal of Medicine announced that roughly 30 percent of heart disease-related deaths can be prevented by switching to [...]

Diluting Your Brand. Literally.

THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara) I’m a bourbon girl. I’ve never been a huge fan of vodka, gin makes me sort of angry and rum leaves a drumbeat in my skull the morning after. I like a range of bourbons, but Maker’s Mark has always been my go-to with its honeyed flavors [...]

The Egg Nog Chronicles: Turning Holiday Rituals into Marketing Opportunities

THE BOOZE BIN By Emily Valentine (@ebvalentine) Image courtesy: Cooking Channel Tradition is one ingredient that makes the holidays special. Many people take comfort in the widely adopted rituals established by retailers (shopping on Black Friday), athletic associations (watching bowl games) or religious groups (keeping advent calendars, baking yule logs or exchanging Hanukah gifts), and [...]

From Van Damme’s Glass to the Irish Lass: Coors Light’s Trip Across the Atlantic

THE BOOZE BIN By Eliza Winston “A woman drinkin’ a Guinness?” my elderly cousin asked in horror during a recent family reunion in Ireland. Of course I was drinking Guinness, this was Ireland, right? From then on, I couldn’t help but notice something that gave me the sinking feeling my beer choice was wrong. Very [...]

Legalize…Moonshine? The Beverage that Contributed to Outlaws, NASCAR and Hipster Happy Hour.

THE BOOZE BIN By: Eliza Winston Moonshine. We’ve probably all heard about it at one time or another, but just what is it? Also fondly referred to as hooch, white lightning and “that good ol’ mountain dew”, moonshine can now be found everywhere from the backwoods of the Appalachian mountains to the bars of Brooklyn, [...]

What’s Been Brewing: Top Five Booze Trends for 2012

THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara) It’s that time of year again. Obnoxious Christmas music blasts in stores, despite the fact that Thanksgiving is next week. Can’t we focus on one holiday at a time? But I digress… With 2012 just around the corner, here’s a look at the major booze trends ready [...]

How Times Have Changed

THE BOOZE BIN By Brian Ellis (@onegator) I consider myself a fan of the booze business having cut my teeth in the liquor world right out of college as a liquor store manager. Great job for a recent college grad by the way! Having built a new bar in my house recently, I tasked myself [...]