Sponsored Blog Posts: 9 Tips to Get More for Your Money

In my last post, I took a look at the evolution of blogger relations and the sponsored post. Since bloggers are not taking pitches for earned content nine times out of 10, sponsored posts are the way to go. The obvious negative here is that you’re paying for the post, which means the era of [...]

All About the Benjamins: When Bloggers Moved to Sponsored Posts

Our media relations team here at CRT/tanaka held a roundtable this past week to discuss our current blogger relations practices, and I thought it would be a great topic for a two-part series. In this first post, I’ll take a look at the evolution of blogger relations during the past 10 years. This timeline applies to [...]

The Brand-Blogger Dating Game: 4 Steps to Make it Simple

Playing the dating game can be rough, no doubt about it. But it doesn’t have to be, if you have a strategy for going about it. For most, you decide what type of relationship you’re looking for, determine the kind of partner that will suit you best, put yourself out there and meet potential mates, [...]

5 Ways to Maximize the PR Pro-Blogger Relationship

How can bloggers best work with PR agencies? As PR professionals, the question we receive is usually posed the other way around, right? However, it was a question that was brought up throughout my recent experience at Camp Blogaway, “the original bootcamp for food and recipe bloggers.”  Bootcamp might be a strong word as it was held in [...]

5 Ways to Maximize a Blog Conference Sponsorship

I’ve spent a lot of time lately researching, evaluating and managing blog conference sponsorships for brands. They offer valuable opportunities for marketers to engage with bloggers in intimate settings ideal for making lasting connections. And these ongoing relationships can reap tremendous benefits for marketing programs – credible third parties spreading your message and compelling content [...]

3 Things to Research Before You Pitch a Guest Blog Post

Utilizing guest blog posts to help market your content and improve search rankings. From both a PR and SEO standpoint pitching and reaching out to bloggers has been a trend over the last several years. With over 77 percent of internet users reading blogs it’s a natural place to pitch our client’s story. “Blogger relations” [...]

Sharpen Your Blogger Relations Skills: How to Reach the 77% of Internet Users in the Blogosphere

By Kelsey Mohring (@mohrinkd) A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a Mastering Blogger Relations session as part of Adfero Group’s Get PR Smart series. I found this workshop to be particularly educational since, as an Account Coordinator at CRT/tanaka, one of my main responsibilities has been blogger outreach. Therefore, I’d like [...]

Pitching Multi-Platform Stories Increases Your Chances of Getting Your Story Covered

By Veronica Hunt It’s not news that newsrooms across the country are increasingly challenged to bring the same level of quality reporting with reduced staff and lower budgets. After spending a few days with journalists from across the country at the Society of Professional Journalists’ Annual Conference and listening to their challenges, it’s apparent that [...]

Serving up Bull—Lessons Learned from a #PRfail

PR missteps are not uncommon, but sadly they are too often repeated. Learning from not only our mistakes, but others’ is part of our ongoing education. There are sites like the BAD PITCH BLOG and horror stories like one that Jonathan Fields blogged about that call out bad PR, not to embarrass, but rather educate. [...]

Influencers: A Discussion about the Law of the Few

Above image and analysis: David Armano This week’s Social Media for Social Good reading is Malcolm Gladwell’s the Tipping Point, which is a great starting place to discuss influencer relations. From a strategic standpoint, there’s no question: Online word of mouth or grassroots marketing requires the community embracing and spreading the message. The days of [...]