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5 Wine Blogs for 2012

THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara) With the New Year well rung in and my resolutions still irresolute at best, I thought I’d focus on ways to improve my mind this year. Full disclosure: I am 7½ months pregnant and quickly entering the waddling phase, so delusions of improving my body have flown […]

Blogging Lessons from the Front Line

THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara) For me, blogging evokes two emotions in their purest form…stress and satisfaction. It’s a two-step process. First, I spend a few hours stressing about what to write for the Booze Bin. It’s not that there’s a lack of ideas, but rather a surplus, plus the uncontrollable urge […]

Celebrating $22 a gallon gas!

by Mike Mulvihill Whoopee! A blog post by Inhabitat – Green Design Will Save the World is celebrating independent consulting firm Ernst & Young’s release of a report yesterday predicting the price of solar energy per watt is expected to fall to $1 by 2013, down from $2 in 2009. The report, prepared for the […]

Going Dark on Social Media

By Mike Mulvihill It became really evident this Thanksgiving – my incessant, addictive need to try to keep up with friends and loved ones on Facebook and Twitter. My aging and computer-phobic mother was upset about the preoccupation and predilection my teenage children and I had with our smart phones.  She had a point. (Christmas […]

Why Are Hospitals Turning Their Backs on Blogs?

By Jenn Riggle Let’s admit it: Blogs are the ugly stepchild of social media. Hospitals and brands are going where the action is by embracing Facebook and Twitter. They’re building “apps,” holding Twitter parties and finding ways to integrate video on their website. But what about blogs, the slow and steady form of social media? […]

Is Your Website A Dinosaur Or On the Verge of Distinction?

By Jenn Riggle There’s been a lot of talk recently about whether websites have outlived their usefulness and are merely dinosaurs left over from 1990s, like grunge music and flannel shirts. But if you’ve looked in stores recently, baby doll dresses and combat boots are back in style. So too, websites have found new life […]

You Dared to be Your Own Boss. Now What’s Stopping You from Starting Your Own Blog?

By Priya Ramesh For the last seven years of my career as a Public Relations professional, I have had the tremendous opportunity to work very closely with CEOs of startup companies. I absolutely enjoy the “die-hard, let’s do it attitude” that epitomizes small businesses and I am very well aware of what a small business […]

New GE Brains Boost Buzz

Paul Glader’s article last weekend in The Wall Street Journal online about a new twist in the ongoing GE up-from-the ashes saga gave me hope that public relations people will get their day in the sun at this famously left-brained outpost of capitalism. I’m a great fan of GE — even took some Six Sigma […]

You Don’t Want My Lifestream

You probably don’t want to see photos of me kissing Caitlin on the Buzz Bin, a professional blog.  by Geoff Livingston Lifestreaming’s back (last blogged about on the Buzz Bin in 2007)! From Steve Rubel’s lifestream-only decision to Jane Quigley’s recent BlogPotomac interview, which pointed-out that mobile lifestreaming technology Posterous has become red hot, lifestreams […]

The New Buzz Bin

Livingston Communications was folded into CRT/tanaka six months ago. Since then, we have been driving social media across the line, from implementation to internal best practices and training. Now it’s time to become more public with our learnings and evolve the Buzz Bin from a one man show to blog representing CRT/tanaka’s best thought leadership […]