4 Tips to Get Your Health Care Company LinkedIn

If you’re a health care company, you probably need to do a lot of work on your LinkedIn presence. The professional networking site is too often relegated to an online jobs board, despite the multiple content-sharing tools the site has introduced over the last year. In fact, just this week LinkedIn opened up its previously invitation-only “influencers” program to everyone, giving users the opportunity to publish full-length content.

Show NOT Tell: The 7 Best Health Infographics of 2013

Did you know that 99% of the information we receive each day is almost immediately filtered out by our brains? In order to be successful, marketers have to determine ways to place their content in the elite 1% that survives; and with visuals being processed 60,000 times faster than text, infographics could be the answer. [...]

BuzzLine Contest – Week 21 – You’re Going to Love Us!

Happy Friday and welcome to the BuzzLine, a weekly “six-word” contest that will challenge your mind, make you laugh and maybe buy you coffee. Congratulations to Amy Epstein, who offered some good advice to Samsung last week as it rolled the dice in the “smartwatch” category. Check out her response and all the others here. [...]

Are You as Social Media-Savvy as You Think?

Best Practices for Engaging on Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Blogs I had the opportunity to attend the second Annual Fashion Forward Conference in New York City on Wednesday, bringing together 100 of the nation’s top female social media mavens. A variety of sessions and panels were held on various topics, but the most noteworthy was [...]

5 Steps to Nail Every Media Interview (Step 5: Practice – Out Loud!)

We’ve reached the final step in my five-step process for nailing every media interview. If you need a little refresher on how to “identify the money question and write the quote,” re-read step four on the Buzz Bin. The primary purpose for step five is to address the wing-it challenged problem. In 20 years of training, I [...]

BuzzLine Contest – Week 19 – Can Galaxy Gear Do That?

Welcome to the BuzzLine, a weekly contest for communicators, journalists, English majors, friends, family and anyone else looking for word games on a Friday afternoon. Each week, BuzzLine presents a timely topic or news item and asks participants for a six-word answer to a related question. Some examples: Royal Baby: What six words of parenting advice [...]

BuzzLine Contest – Week 18 – PadillaCRT, Together the Best

Before we get started on CRT/tanaka’s most meaningful BuzzLine, we’re sending a big congratulations to Jennifer Lucado for her winning response to last week’s BuzzLine. Thanks, Jennifer! Now, let’s buzz. You’ve heard the good news – we’re creating a new kind of agency with our long-time partner Padilla Speer Beardsley, forming one of the top [...]

Pin the Tail On the… How To Nail Pinterest For Brands

Pinterest: It’s the third largest social platform. According to ComScore, it reached 46 million visitors in July. And the social network recently told USA Today it believes it can just keep growing. Why? Likely because click-through and sales conversion rates are better on Pinterest than on either Facebook or Twitter. That’s one reason my colleague [...]

5 Steps to Nail Every Media Interview (Step 4: Identify the Money Question & Write the Quote)

Whenever I spend time training executives about becoming more effective communicators, I always ask them to think of their favorite quote. I then ask them to count the number of words in that quote. The typical answer ranges from 4 – 8 words. The reason this is important is covered in step four of our five-step [...]

5 Steps to Nail Every Media Interview (Step 3: Work On The Transition From One Message To The Next)

During my last posts, we introduced the first two steps in nailing every Q&A session; start with the questions and then develop your key messages that answer every question. Now on to step three. This is the rule that most people pay little attention to in the early stages of our training sessions only to [...]