3 Ways the Government Shutdown Makes for a Serious Hangover

                  Going on week two of the Federal Government shutdown, and this is getting real. From support for needy mothers and their newborns to clinical trials for cancer patients to benefits for servicemen and their families, there are endless, heartbreaking stories of affected people, programs and agencies, [...]

Bye, Bye Barley – 3 Reasons Gluten-Free Beer Is Here To Stay

Full disclosure: as an Austrian, I was practically raised on beer. Austria ranks among the top five nations worldwide in terms of beer consumption per capita. The U.S. ranks #13 with 21.5 gallon/person. So, perhaps you can see why I can’t help but have a good brew with special occasions – including the end of [...]

New Kings of Summer? Wines & Liquors are Taming the BBQ Flame

The BOOZE BIN By Laura Petrosky (@chronic_ally) A group of friends, a grilled steak and a beer – sounds like an unshakable American tradition, right? As eight out of ten Americans fire up their grill this summer, the wine and spirits industry is seeing a huge opportunity to make us rethink what to drink while [...]

The New British Invasion – An Interview with Beavertown Brewery’s Logan Plant

There has always been a “special relationship” between the US and the UK – in everything from politics to music, and most recently, to beer. Good beer. Musically-speaking, the influence moved to the west in several waves. From the first British Invasion (think The Beatles and The Rolling Stones), to the second (on to The [...]

In Defense of Craft Beer: Feeling the Buzz of a Burgeoning Industry

It’s been one week since the Brewers Association’s annual Craft Brewer’s Conference (CBC) and I am just recovering. I’m sure there is a study on the benefits of craft beer consumption in moderation, but alas, that was not my approach. It is the craft brewing industry’s biggest show, and cooler than any other beverage alcohol [...]

Are Session Ales a Growing Craft Beer Trend?

I’m a craft beer enthusiast, home brewer and at one time the beer buyer at Richmond’s local food market. I’ve been enjoying great beer for the last 10 years and I’ve seen a market that was once reserved for a handful of elitists evolve to a state where just about every bar, restaurant and dicey corner [...]

3 Tips to Promoting Booze Health Benefits without a PR Hangover

I love science, especially when research findings justify my self-prescribed glass of wine after a long day. So far, 2013 has not disappointed with new studies on the health benefits of wine. In February, the New England Journal of Medicine announced that roughly 30 percent of heart disease-related deaths can be prevented by switching to [...]

Putting Lipstick on a Pig (Beer)?

I am a cross-drinker – an equal opportunist when it comes to alcoholic beverages. I love wine. I love bourbon. Oh man, I freaking LOVE craft beer. What I’m drinking depends on my mood, the season, who I’m with, how bad my day was, what I’m eating, whether the Yankees won, or perhaps most importantly, [...]

From Van Damme’s Glass to the Irish Lass: Coors Light’s Trip Across the Atlantic

THE BOOZE BIN By Eliza Winston “A woman drinkin’ a Guinness?” my elderly cousin asked in horror during a recent family reunion in Ireland. Of course I was drinking Guinness, this was Ireland, right? From then on, I couldn’t help but notice something that gave me the sinking feeling my beer choice was wrong. Very [...]

Cool Beverage Trends to Help You Beat the Heat

By Emily Valentine (@ebvalentine) THE BOOZE BIN Red wine is generally my beverage of choice come cocktail hour, but with temperatures at 105 degrees and humidity thick enough to slice, my go-to glass of vin rouge is holding far less appeal. So I’ve taken advantage of these sweltering summer months as an opportunity to explore [...]