5 Must-Read Health Communication Posts

With so much good content on the internet, it’s easy to miss a good post. This week as I was looking through past posts on the Buzz Bin, I stumbled upon so many great past posts that I enjoyed reading and learning from all over again. So this Thursday, I’m sharing five  must-read oldie but goodie [...]

A Killer Tan

Using Sociology 101 to Execute a Successful Teen Health Education Campaign As summer officially draws to a close, it signals the end of lounging by the beach or pool and working on your tan.  However, for more than 30 percent of Caucasian high school girls, tanned skin is a not just a summer phenomenon.  With [...]

The Princess and the Puke

Celebrities Can Supercharge Your Health Awareness Campaign By Kim Blake (@kimkblake) H.G.  If you’ve been watching the news this week, you probably know that it stands for Hyperemesis Gravidarum. If you’ve ever been pregnant and struggled with it, you know that it’s morning sickness on steroids.  Non-stop nausea, dehydration, and utter misery.  Most of us [...]

Think Pink: Five Tips for Non-Profits

By Kim Blake @kimkblake As our 31 days of “pinktober” come to a close, we enter diabetes, pancreatic and lung cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease awareness month.  The difference between October and November?  In October, it seems that the world (or the U.S., at least) turns its focus to breast cancer awareness.  Aside from heart disease [...]