The State of the Wine App (Part 2)

It’s been nearly a month since I downloaded, in the name of research, a handful of wine-oriented apps onto my iPhone and now it’s time to report my observations. People think that drinking wine and fiddling with your iPhone is all fun and games but I say, “Science!”. So, the results: out of the 8 [...]

Top 3 Photo Apps for PR Pros That Weren’t on Your Radar

By Rosalie Morton (@rosaliemo) If content is king, photos are his favorite little prince. Mark my words, 2013 will be the year of the photo. We were just getting primed in 2012. Facebook acquired Instagram. Photo posts on Facebook get more likes than links, text or videos. Your audience isn’t reading your posts anymore… not unless there [...]

Why Hospitals Should Be Facebook Friends with Benefits

By Jenn Riggle   Or to put it more accurately, hospitals need to consider how their “friends” can benefit from their Facebook pages. The good news is that people are turning to Facebook for health information, such as videos and diet and exercise tips. However, hospitals aren’t making the most of this connection. Research shows [...]

Message in a Bottle: How QR Codes are Personalizing the Wine Experience

   THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara) To help put myself through pastry school, I taught wine classes and parties at my culinary school. I learned early from my mentor and pal Tish, who runs the fun and highly popular wine events company Wine For All, wine shouldn’t be taken too seriously. A [...]

Hospitals Can Have a Mobile Strategy Without Developing an App

By Jenn Riggle The popularity of the iPhone and Droid phones are being driven by people’s desire for features and functionalities – and for easy-to-use mobile apps. Physicians, like everyone else, want to have information at their fingertips, which is why they’ve been so quick to adopt the iPhone (and now the iPad). It’s clear [...]