2014 Digital Trends: A Conversation with Mom it Forward

It’s no surprise that with the New Year comes even more opportunities for brands to grow in the digital space. To get a better understanding of what’s to be expected this year, I sat down with Mom it Forward, a leading social media community and worldwide network dedicated to enhancing the lives of women, their [...]

Brands Gone “Bad” & How They Are Reinventing Themselves

In today’s 24/7 world, thanks in part to our many social channels, it only takes one gaffe to be perceived poorly by consumers and the industry; even quicker before this gaffe (or a series of them) can spread and completely tarnish a brand’s image. Fortunately, smart marketers have understood how important these channels are for [...]

Are You as Social Media-Savvy as You Think?

Best Practices for Engaging on Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Blogs I had the opportunity to attend the second Annual Fashion Forward Conference in New York City on Wednesday, bringing together 100 of the nation’s top female social media mavens. A variety of sessions and panels were held on various topics, but the most noteworthy was [...]

5 Ways to Maximize the PR Pro-Blogger Relationship

How can bloggers best work with PR agencies? As PR professionals, the question we receive is usually posed the other way around, right? However, it was a question that was brought up throughout my recent experience at Camp Blogaway, “the original bootcamp for food and recipe bloggers.”  Bootcamp might be a strong word as it was held in [...]

Making B2B Relevant for B2C Audiences

So many acronyms. B2B, B2C… what does it all really mean? We define B2B as business to business and B2C as business to consumer.  Is it like comparing apples to oranges? How do the two worlds relate - and maybe more importantly, how can we help them to relate? According to a recent survey by Ascend2, some [...]

Changing The Game: Do You Ask for What’s Yours?

I had the opportunity to attend the Advertising Women of New York “Changing the Game” Awards, hearing from inspiring women business leaders in all walks of their career. The women honored are no-nonsense ladies who have made bold moves and transformed brands by changing the rules. Donny Deutsch, CNBC host and moderator for the event, [...]

From Gutenberg to the Flash Mob – Marketing Innovation at its Finest

For centuries, marketers have tried to capture consumers’ attention. Some of the earliest ways were Gutenberg’s mass production of flyers and brochures (1450), then the emergence of magazines (1730s), advertising including billboards (1800s), radio and electronic computers in the 1900s and late 1900s, e-commerce in the ‘70s, and the ever-popular guerilla marketing in the ‘80s [...]