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The Lowest Common Denominator

by Geoff Livingston To get social media adopted in a conservative organization — a.k.a. a highly regulated company or government body — one really needs to research the entity’s culture and laws closely (Little Known image by victorrjr). In many cases, the battle comes down to identifying incorrect preconceived notions about social media and then […]


Why Corporate America Keeps Rejecting Social Media It seems like every organization in America wrestles with social media adoption (suit image by brennuskrux). The running joke is that more than 60,000 social media experts have sprung up on Twitter to help these companies and nonprofits engage. Yet corporate failure rates have reached astounding rates as […]

Top Five Organizational Silos

Picking up the discussion from last Spring’s white paper on silos and organizational barriers to social media adoption, the following list represents the top five silos I’ve encountered in helping scores of organizations adapt (Image: Brick Wall by Zunami). This is not a scientific list, just one based on a single person’s experiences. Please feel […]

The (Social Media) Natives Are Getting Restless

Guest post by Richie Escovedo “____________ is dead.” Go ahead and fill in that blank with the usual suspects; blogging, Twitter, PR, marketing, FriendFeed, the press release, the media, etc. Admit it, you’ve probably seen, read, or possibly wrote something that fits the above standard claim. It gets repeated, rebroadcast, refuted, and recycled. And that’s […]

Clean Up Your Social Media Litter

Traveling along the highway of organization social media adoption, you’ll find half-baked first attempts on almost every major social network (Image Litter Lout by Smabs Sputzer). Blogs, Flickr accounts, Facebook pages, YouTube channels, Twitter streams and even Ning networks, these launched initiatives usually span 2 weeks to 2 months of activity and then are left […]

There Is No Social Media Department

When a new competency is embraced by a larger entity, it is the nature of a corporate organization to turn that group into a department. In fact, most PR and advertising agencies actively seek to build or acquire a social media department to meet the growing demand for conversational services (Silo image by eirikref). The […]

Examining Siloed Processes

This continues our ongoing discussion on enterprise social media adoption started with “The Cultural Challenge to Integration” and “Moving from Siloes to Hives.” To successfully adapt, CxOs should examine department, division, and/or enterprise missions and explore natural directions for improvement. This leads to a measurable social media result, something achievable: Time management, improved processes, outbound […]

Moving from Siloes to Hives

Following on to our previous post on “The Cultural Challenge to Integration” this post examines how social media tools challenge siloed organizations to move towards hived architectures. I agree with a commenter’s assessment that social media needs to map towards the current culture in an evolutionary fashion as opposed to demanding sudden and drastic change. […]

Ay Caramba! Social Media Is Not That Difficult!

Well, it’s a new year, and yes, we’re having many of the same old conversations here and other places.  Realistically speaking, the repetition is necessary because a great deal of the market still needs to come up to speed on social media communications (Viva Pinata by peasap). Some of the back channel conversations I have […]