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Social Media Wins the Election: From Facebook to HootSuite to Drinking Game Infographics

By Rosalie Morton, @rosaliemo

Although the real winner last night was Barack Obama, social media stole the show, providing interesting insight to election stats and answering many of our questions about the election  in real-time.

And so, we break from our regular Booze Bin coverage to bring you a look at how social media ruled the election…

Who voted? Check Facebook

The execution was just beautiful… You probably saw it at the top of your Facebook  page, asking you if you voted. If you chose “I voted” you were taken to their story page. It showed who was voting and when, across Facebook users in the U.S.:


When viewing the page, you have to keep in mind that these stats represented Facebook users who clicked an Election Day prompt to share with their friends, not the general population. The page revealed the following stats:

  • Votes per Hour – between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. tended to be when most people shared that they voted
  • Who’s voting –
    • Male v. Female – Only 3.3 million male, and a whopping 6.4 million female. Obviously, this said more about who was sharing than who was voting…  Women were more likely  than men to share the fact they were exercising their right.
    • By age:
      • 29 percent 18-24 years old
      • 31 percent 24-34 years old
      • 19 percent 35-44 years old

Who’s winning? Check HootSuite

Who was leading on social mentions? HootSuite had their finger on the pulse. Through their 2012 Election Tracker: http://hootsuite.com/2012-election-command-center, HootSuite tracked which candidate was getting a larger share of voice in the social sphere. At 10:20 p.m. EST last night, the site was so slammed, it took three tries to load. The tracker showed Obama was leading in online share of voice, with 2.6 million “talking about this” as compared to Romney’s 2.4 million “talking about this.” On the other hand, Ryan led Biden in mentions. The real indicator, given the outcome of yesterday’s election? The sentiment graphs:

Online Sentiment: Barack Obama


Online Sentiment: Mitt Romney










When should I drink? Check the Infographics

Infographics have become very popular in the last two years – an easy way to disseminate information in an aesthetically pleasing way. It was funny to see the inundation of drinking game infographics come through during this election cycle.

The infographics offered some comic relief from a very tense election. From the Presidential debates to the Vice Presidential debates, there were quite a few fun one-liners and overly-repeated phrases, and these infographics took advantage.

i.e.: Joe Biden: DRINK if he makes a gaffe (like calling Obama “Barack America”)

Barack Obama: DRINK if he says, “Let me be clear”

Mitt Romney: DRINK if he brings up Ronald Reagan

Paul Ryan: DRINK if when tries to get a laugh from the “fire Big Bird” incident.

During the Presidential Debates:

During the VEEP debates:

So, what were your social media observations this election cycle?


About Rosalie Morton:

As an account supervisor, Rosalie leads PadillaCRT clients’ traditional and social media relations initiatives and provides crisis counsel. She has successfully placed speakers at high-profile industry conferences, submitted winning award entries, planned events and media tours, managed social media campaigns, served as editor for client blogs and garnered placements in top-tier traditional and social media. She can often be seen on the third floor of the Richmond office, trying to find her dog, Petey, who has most likely snuck into someone else's office to beg for food.

4 Comments on “Social Media Wins the Election: From Facebook to HootSuite to Drinking Game Infographics

  1.  by  Rachael Seda

    Great observations Rosalie! I also read that @gov’s #twindex showed that Obama was the most-tweeted-about candidate in every swing state: 40 percent of national tweets to 24 percent for Romney, reversing the trend of recent days.

    And of course seeing trending hashtags that seem to catch on out of no where are always fun…like the humorous #ifromneywins hashtag, regardless of what party your for I don’t think you could help but laugh at one some people were saying use this hashtag.

    Thanks for sharing another great post!

  2.  by  Dave from HootSuite

    Thanks for sharing the HootSuite story. From our HQ in Vancouver Canada we impartially examined loads of data and enjoyed seeing the variety and accuracy of the social results vs. poll results.

    An exciting day from our vantage point to see how social tools have evolved (for the most part) the civic discussion by including more voices, more publicly.

  3.  by  Rosalie

    Thanks Rachael and Dave for your comments.

    Rachael – You got it. Social media tells all. Never to be underestimated.

    Dave – You all did an awesome job. The site was so slick and offered such useful info. Congrats to you and your team!

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