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PRWeek Declares PR 3.0 Era… Whoops.

Are these guys for real? PRWeek declared the era of PR 3.0 has arrived (see Brian Solis’s excellent write up of this gaff), after skipping the whole 2.0 debate. This is the spun version of a mia culpa. We were wrong, new media does matter.

I can’t imagine trying to push PR 3.0 given the reticence to join the current revolution… Convincing people that our business has just been turned upside down once (a.k.a. 2.0) has turned into a war of resistance for many of my aging, competing agency brethren as well as business owners locally in DC. Folks just don’t want to believe that new media is worth their corporate time… Meanwhile their competitors are engaging with their communities through the Internet, wreaking havoc!

People have a hard time grasping how much new media has changed PR, demanding a new level of transparency and openness. They just don’t get it. And they probably won’t get it until their jobs become endangered.

I think PRWeek hurts us more than it helps us with this PR 3.0 moniker. Enough people in the industry are fighting PR 2.0. Now with this article we give them extra bubble fodder.

I’m not the only one kvetching… Murphy’s Law slammed the article, “Rather than just discuss the changes taking place to PR in terms of new tools (e.g. blogs and podcasts) or practices (e.g. conversation) they have to give it a new moniker.” Engage in PR says, “What I don’t get is how PR Week is so out of touch with what has been discussed on blogs for 24 months concerning the changes in our industry.”

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6 Comments on “PRWeek Declares PR 3.0 Era… Whoops.

  1.  by  Kyle

    Hey Geoff, it really is amazing (even after I had a night to sleep on it)…love the site.


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