Four Strategies to Help You Break Into A Crowded National Business Landscape

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From the latest device upgrades from Apple to the daily back-and-forth of the convergence of politics and economics, securing placement in a national business publication can seem daunting, if not impossible. The challenge for business-to-business companies is even harder due to the increased focus on consumer-oriented trends and products.

While this challenge is not new to public relations and marketing professionals, revisiting a few strategies can help you and your client rise above the waves of noise and product-focused coverage. Even in situations where you have to invent your own “news,” here are a few strategies from our B2B technology sector team to consider when pitching your next business story:

  • Surveys

Using surveys to build data on a particular topic of interest might be the answer. Armed with (reliable) data, inserting your company or message into a larger trend not only adds vital context, it has the numbers to back it up, increasing odds of interest from media due to a compelling news hook tied directly to your company messaging strategies.

  • Speaking Events

Trade shows/events provide another opportunity to connect…


Are social platforms a growing trend for doctors?

Have you recently befriended your doctor on social media? Likely not, because patient-physician engagement on social platforms violates the ethics of HIPAA. And while chatting with your doctor sounds fun, your followers probably don’t want to read about your most recent visit anyway.

But there is a social platform that doctors can use for engaging virtually with colleagues called Doximity. It’s an online professional network that allows physicians, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants to find each other and communicate without violating privacy laws.social-network

Since its launch, Doximity has garnered more than a half million members (meaning more than 60 percent of U.S. physicians are verified members). Using the platform, physicians can seek out specialists for their primary care patients or send and receive patient medical information.

Its usability and features remind me of LinkedIn, except it functions as a closed-provider network. Physicians can share industry research and medical news, while also removing the hurdles many providers face when trying to communicate with one another.

So how can providers get connected? Doctors need to reach out to potential colleagues within the community and have…

The Booze Bin

Building Relationships With the Wine Trade


Huge Wine Store,Don’t be fooled by the simple title, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. The other day, a colleague who typically doesn’t work on our booze business helped us out by confirming wine trade guests for a client event. He later asked me if it was normal for “wine people” to be less-than-friendly toward brand reps and us PR and marketing folks. He was taken aback by some of the reactions he got to his phone calls and I realized that I’ve become desensitized to the standard crankiness that comes with outreach to the people who move the needle on wine sales. This is largely due to the fact that trade folks are extremely busy, overworked and are primarily focused on their customers (not working on whatever it is we are asking them to do for our clients’ brands). In other words, it’s understandable.

Since our top priority as wine marketers is creating alliances with (and being useful to), the wine trade and media so they’ll recommend our client’s brands to their customers more often, relationship building and long term partnerships cannot be stalled by an unwelcoming vibe.

Digital Marketing

5 Things Clients Can Expect from a Web Project

Creative professional at work

The idea of building a new website can be exciting, but it can also be a new and unfamiliar undertaking. A web project is very involved and can become an expensive investment. Design involves far more than just aesthetics, and developing engaging content is beyond just a quick copy and paste.

With the time and cost that gets invested in this type of endeavor, below are a few key things to expect when engaging in a web project:

1. An Agency Partner

Working with an agency should feel like an extension of your team. The most important key to a successful agency-client relationship is trust. You want a partner that is concerned about your success and whether or not they can really help you get there. You also really want to like working with your agency partner – keep in mind these are the folks you’ll be working with for the next couple of months!

A few things to consider when partnering with an agency:

  • Do they understand the business objectives and site goals?
  • Do their recommendations directly address those specific goals?
  • Can they provide the expertise and knowledge to

Employee Engagement

Engaging Employees to Benefit K-12 Public Education: Q&A with the Virginia Lottery

jill vaughanWith the brand “We’re Game,” it’s no secret the Virginia Lottery is all about having fun. However, games alone are not enough to engage employees. To create a truly engaged workforce where employees go the extra mile for players, K-12 public education and each other, the Virginia Lottery has made employee engagement a key part of its business plan.

To understand the role employee engagement plays at the Virginia Lottery, a PadillaCRT client since 2014, I sat down with Jill Vaughan, director of communications, to learn more about how engaged employees have helped the organization contribute nearly $8 billion to K-12 public education in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Why is it important to the Virginia Lottery to have employees who are engaged with the organization?

A part of Virginia’s government, the Virginia Lottery is celebrating its 29th year in 2017. We launched our new brand “We’re Game” in 2012. We were very conscious that a key audience for the rollout was our statewide workforce. We felt if our employees learn to live our brand internally and are “game” to serve each other, our 5,400 retailers, vendor partners and stakeholders, that directly translates…