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Moments of Health and Wellness Are Possible At Work… If You Stop to Recognize Them

By Ryan Lamont (@RyLamont)

Before you read on, I want to warn you, this post is just as much about life as it is about public relations. And what I’m about to tell you is simple. For those two reasons, I think it’s worth sharing.

I’m pretty sure we’d all agree that PR is a stressful profession. We are often dealing with tight deadlines, high expectations and a constantly changing media landscape. We work hard to secure the best placements and maximize positive exposure for our clients, all while balancing relationships within the agency, within the client’s company and with our media contacts.

In the midst of this high-pressure environment, it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In fact, it’s one of our core values here at CRT/ tanaka. Part of living a healthy life is having a healthy outlook on life. So, whether in PR or life, here’s my advice: celebrate the little moments as well as the big ones.

Instead of thinking that happiness will only come once we land that promotion, sign that new client or get that raise, recognize that it’s present in the little moments too. We need to celebrate when we get a return call or email, secure a media placement, finish a daunting report or execute an event without a major hiccup.

So, take every opportunity to rejoice and enjoy.  Jump up and down. Run around the room. In fact, research shows the body releases endorphins during moments of happiness, and these hormones have been linked to anti-aging and organ health. It’s science – happiness is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Even Coca Cola seems to be embracing this philosophy. During this summer’s Olympic Games in London, Coca Cola ran a campaign entitled “Moments of Happiness.”  In it, Olympic athletes celebrate moments along their Olympic journeys. Sometimes the moments are as small as scoring a single point, high-fiving a teammate or locking eyes with a parent in the stands.  There’s a reason they don’t just show gold medal moments; because life isn’t always golden, and we don’t always finish on top of a podium.

I think there’s a misconception that happiness is a destination you reach after some accomplishment or experience. The truth is it’s not the place you arrive after you’ve traveled a certain amount of time on the road. It is there in the little moments of joy and peace you feel throughout your life, throughout the journey. And if you’re looking for the big stretch of road where nothing but happiness is in front of you, then you will be disappointed, because you’ll have missed all the little moments along the way that lead to a healthy – and happy – life.

Image courtesy of Coca Cola.

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