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Chilling the Cocktail Scene


By Cassandra Bianco (@cnbianco)

80% of learning occurs visually. Yet, well-directed educational videos are still hard to come by from brands. In PR we need to create video in addition to media relations in telling our stories. Visual content is as important as reading articles for our audiences. As far as bottom-line justification, Jason Poulos has pointed how why video content is crucial for SEO.

At New York City bars it is unnerving paying $12 to $18 for a cocktail, then by the second sip it becomes a slushy. Nothing is more yucky than an $18-slushy.

However, there is terrific talent brewing in the industry, beginnice ice babying with Micah Melton and Charles Joly at The Aviary. The excellent cinematography from filmmaker Christian Seel reveals how these bartenders “cook” their cocktails in this inspiring ice program. These Chicago guys are cooler than cool, they are ICE COLD.

Like any experience, they know that the more senses you can hit on, the more memorable an experience it will be. I hope you enjoy watching as I have, cheers.

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