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Why Hispanic Marketing Strategy Is Failing and How to Fix It

Flickr user Charlie KaijoIn 1977, U.S.-based Braniff Airways inadvertently told their Spanish-speaking customers to “Fly Naked” in their new marketing campaign. To be fair, in most of Latin America, “Vuela en Cuero” translates to mean “Fly in Leather,” a tagline that Braniff intended to use while promoting its luxurious leather interior. In Mexico, local slang gave the phrase a completely different meaning – “Fly Naked.” This simple gaffe ultimately cost the company a bunch of useless billboards, its dignity and possibly some rogue, naked fliers. (There aren’t any statistics on that last one, though.)

Flash forward to 2014 and marketers across the country are chasing the metaphorical goldmine that is the elusive Hispanic market. And who can blame them? Latino purchasing power has risen to a staggering $1.2 trillion annually, a figure that is only expected to grow in the coming years.

Some companies are afraid of marketing to the Hispanic audience. (PadillaCRT’s Nicole Fischer wrote an awesome Buzz Bin post about this.) But that’s not always the case. Other companies like poor, misguided Braniff (RIP) are launching multi-million dollar campaigns, and many are falling short. But unlike Braniff’s…

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Shock and Awe – Why Content Goes Viral on Instagram

What does it take to “go viral” on Instagram? There is a lot of great content on social channels that never reaches viral fame. The scientific answer to what makes content go viral: emotion (infographic). According to the author of “Contagious: Why Things Catch On,” the more emotion your content evokes, the more viral it will become. Be honest: When was the last time your Instagram update made people laugh, cringe, or created a sense of awe?

There is an impressive number of recent examples that have gone viral on Instagram. Here are my top three:

#MyInstagramLogo: Nobody knows how it started, but an increasing number of Instagram users are obsessed with recreating and posting its logo in amazingly creative ways (check out the hashtag #myinstagramlogo). This trend is a nice and fun example of consumers putting their own stamp on their favorite product (In this case, Instagram reportedly has no involvement in the campaign.).

The Rice Krispies Picasso: Jessica Siskin will make you crave more Rice Krispies. It all started with Jessica putting a picture of a Rice Krispies…

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PR Industry Trends

6 Secrets to Expo Success

Co-Authored by Nikki Parrotte

Whether you represent a medical device company, food and beverage distributor or consumer brand, exhibiting at conferences and expos is often an effective way to engage with your target audience. Though a 5,000-person event may not get you the same impression numbers as an influencer’s tweet or even a major media mention, there is something to be said for the quality of those interactions. Meeting your consumers face-to-face goes a long way in creating brand loyalists, so this trend is here to stay.

Here are six tips for creating a successful expo experience:

1. Make Your Booth Interactive

The worst expo booths are the ones with large signage, a couple of brochures and an annoyingly eager sales person trying to speak to you as you run past refusing to make eye contact. When discussing the plans for your booth, try to incorporate some kind of interactive activity. This can be a taste test, fun fact quiz, prize wheel, product demo, etc. Last year, we attended the AARP Life @50+ event for the American Physical Therapy Association and our booth had local PTs available to give visitors a three-point balance test and evaluation. We had huge lines…

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3 PR/Marketing Budget Imperatives for Healthcare

It’s fall. That means football season, kids going back to school, the leaves changing colors, and, for many hospitals and health systems, it means the start of budget season. Even if your fiscal year is other than the calendar year, you’ll want to keep reading, or at least save this post in your budget planning folder.

With all the change going on in healthcare, many systems are finding it difficult to prioritize when it comes to budgeting. And, that can be frustrating for PR/marketing executives trying to align their plans with organizational priorities. If that describes you, perhaps the list of budget priorities below will help you take a slightly different approach to your budget this year, and best position you and your organization for success.

  • Plan for the Unexpected. disaster recovery_dilbertBetween the changes in climate, changes in technology, and changes in your competitive landscape, odds are that you will have some sort of crisis, issue or major announcement to manage in the coming year. They say it takes a lifetime to build a reputation and only a few hours to destroy it. You’re almost guaranteed the latter, if you fail to plan.…
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    Content Mapping – From Awareness to Purchase

    All customers – consumers and business buyers alike – follow a process for decision-making, consciously or unconsciously. Simply put, this process includes stages of awareness, consideration and purchase. Effective communications programs address all three of these stages, with the ultimate goal of moving customers to select your product or service.

    Here’s how to map your communications to increase the probability that prospects will choose in your favor:


    Just as the label implies, customers become aware of something, somehow. They read about you, see you at a conference or event, or hear about you from a colleague or friend.  Prospects need to first become aware that they have a problem and then realize that you have a solution for it.

    Most communications programs are built to generate awareness. Tactics to do so include:  advertising, publicity, SEO, social media and many others. If you start with these, you’re on your way to moving prospective customers through their decision-making process by first being introduced to your solutions.

    Reporter's notebookConsideration

    Once a prospect knows about possible options, they move to the “kick-the-tires” phase – consideration. Much like…

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    Finding the Starting Line as a PadillaCRT Intern

    media relationsMinnesota winters, drinking coconut Boba Tea, Dungeons and Dragons, anything potato… Just naming a few of my love-hate relationships. Hello, my name is Alayna Xiong and I am a summer intern here at PadillaCRT in the Minneapolis location. I recently graduated from high school and will attend Saint Catherine University in the Twin Cities this fall. While I am still navigating my future career path, I will likely major in English and/or Business.

    I was given this incredible internship through a non-profit organization called The BrandLab. The BrandLab is a program founded here in the Greater Twin Cities that provides diverse high school students who are interested in business and marketing the opportunity to learn and get hands on experience. The organization’s hope is to bring diversity into the world of business while at the same time guiding students as they grow into young adults.

    Programs like BrandLab are vital to the community because they provide real-life experience at a young age. Not only are we getting an unforgettable experience, but for many of us, this is our first experience networking. It takes a lot to get into the doors of…

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    On Purpose

    On Purpose: 3 Questions with HNTB’s Pat Mosher

    The Buzz Bin’s “On Purpose” feature explores the thinking behind the strategies and tactics top marketers employ in pursuit of business goals.

    Pat Mosher is senior vice president of corporate communications and brand optimization at HNTB. She leads a 16-member national corporate communications department from her office in Kansas City, Mo., where she oversees award-winning external and internal branding and thought leadership programs.

    Today, we talk with Pat Mosher, senior vice president of corporate communications and brand optimization at HNTB, an infrastructure solutions firm celebrating 100 years in business.

    For Pat, content marketing is a key component of brand building in a specialized, highly competitive and high-stakes industry. PadillaCRT has worked with Pat and HNTB for a little more than a year. Since day one, we’ve been impressed with her team’s disciplined and “client first” approach to content marketing.

    Buzz Bin: Not many companies continue to put the time into developing high-quality print magazines and newsletters for clients, prospects and influencers. Why does HNTB?

    Pat Mosher: The answer is simple: our intended audiences find our publications valuable. We have publications that include our clients discussing their programs, which is…

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    Beyond Keeping House: 3 New Developments at The Good Housekeeping Research Institute

    GHKInstit-100206, Good Housekeeping Institute, FrankeI recently caught up with Sharon Franke, the Kitchen Appliances & Technology Director at The Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI).  As the product-evaluation arm of Good Houskeeping, GHRI operates state-of-the-art laboratories and tests everything from moisturizers to bed sheets to cell phones. Staffed by scientists, engineers, nutritionists and researchers, GHRI is unique in the publishing world. While readers look to Good Housekeeping’s magazine and website for inspiration and trusted shopping advice, they turn to GHRI for product recommendations based upon exhaustive, unbiased testing. They also rely on GHRI for never-fail recipes. The Institute operates the magazine’s test kitchen. They create, taste and triple-test (at least) the thousands of recipes appearing annually in the magazine. So what is new with this 100-year-old trusted voice?

    1) Testing Smart Home Appliances. According to the January 2014 survey by Pew Research Center, 87% of American adults use the Internet, up from 14% in 1995. It is no surprise that our home’s appliances are colliding with emerging digital capabilities like sensors, internet-enabled appliances and remote monitoring. From food thermometers to slow cookers, today there’s an app for that. “The nature of…

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    Content is King, but Growing the Realm with it isn’t Easy

    king content

    Last month, Forrester released a study that indicated B2B marketers talk a good content marketing game, but have a hard time actually translating their efforts to business value.

    According to the report, Compare Your B2B Content Marketing Maturity, more than half of B2B marketing leaders rate their content marketing operations as “very mature.”

    Eighty-five percent of them, however, say they fail to connect content activity to business value.


    “In fact,” says Forrester, “when asked to look back at the past 12 months and rate the effectiveness of content marketing efforts, only 14 percent of those surveyed gave their content practices high marks for delivering value back to the business.”

    Fourteen percent? That’s it? Hasn’t content been king since Bill Gates crowned it in 1996?

    The proliferation and widespread adoption of all things digital since then has opened powerful new possibilities to B2B content marketers, but a simple truth remains unchanged.

    It’s hard work.

    “The majority of marketers find producing content that engages buyers to be a major challenge,” said Business Marketing Association Chair Steve Liguori, a partner in the study. “Our survey results show that the majority of B2B content…

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    When Journalism and Brand Management Collide

    Recently, PadillaCRT hosted a “meet the journalist” breakfast that invited a local magazine editor to our office to discuss their role and answer questions regarding how we can provide relevant content and news ideas on behalf of our clients. During the conversation, we were reminded of what most of us in the PR industry already know – editors are busy, their outlets are understaffed and their inboxes are often flooded with hundreds upon hundreds of unrelated email pitches from PR professionals assuming that their audience will be interested, which is a huge pet-peeve!

    But, as I walked away from that meeting, I was left thinking about the relationship between brands and media. Given the shrinking number of journalists reporting for publications and the onset of owned content, the landscape and connection between journalist, brand and PR agency is changing. Journalists are up against native advertising, eBooks, videos and more that are not usually distinguished as advertising or marketing and further blur the lines between editorial and paid content.

    Getty Images

    Similarly, the PR industry is being impacted by these changes. Fewer media opportunities mean more occasions to self-publish and syndicate. Some brands are…

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