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Live Video & Your Brand: A Simple How-To Guide

live video

You’ve been hearing about (and seeing) live video everywhere for a while now and it’s time to get your brand in the game. Not sure if live video is right for you? Here’s a quick checklist:

Do you want…

  • to be more engaging on social media
  • to reach more millennials
  • to seem less like a robot
  • your brand to be more authentic

I would hope that the answer to all of those questions is yes. If not, you may want to skip this post and read this. Still not convinced? How about these nuggets of wisdom:

  • 80% of all consumer internet traffic in 2019 will be video traffic – Cisco
  • Most people retain 95% of the message they see in a video compared to only 10% of what they read in text
  • Your content earns a top spot in algorithms (especially with Facebook Live)

Now that were on the same page here’s a run-down of some of the most popular live video streaming apps and how you may want to apply them to your brand.


Let’s start with Facebook Live – not necessarily because it was the…


How Your New Year’s Resolutions Trigger Growth in Other Industries

We’re 12 days into 2017 – is your new year’s resolution still kicking? If it seems like less than two weeks is a ridiculously brief time span to lose sight of a new goal – it’s because it is. Research shows that most new year’s resolutions die by January 11th (aka…yesterday). But if you don’t find yourself in this group of fizzlers, congrats! Your willpower is stronger than most and it could be a whole month before businesses start feeding off the profits of your broken dreams.


Year after year, health and wellness-related resolutions like losing weight, being active, eating better, or improving personal wellness are consistently some of the most common resolutions, so it’s no surprise that they dominate the 2017 list. Of all the industries that use the new year to piggyback on thematic marketing campaigns or ads recycling the “new year, new you” concept, the one that surprisingly seems to see the least direct benefit, is the health care industry.

Most health resolutions relate to improving self-image, like losing weight through diet and exercise. When it comes to “getting healthy” 37 percent of individuals made this one of their primary

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Engaging Employees – One Size Does Not Fit All

It’s 5:15 p.m., and you’ve just finished drafting a report summary requested just an hour earlier by the CEO. She’s a stickler for correctness, so you head down the hall to have your ace proofer, a 27-year-old research assistant, give it a quick review before you send it.

But when you get to her office, it’s clear she already left.

So you walk across the hall to find another good resource, a 50-year-old department manager who not only is a research expert, but has enough seniority to understand why it’s a good idea to respond to the CEO’s requests sooner rather than later. He’s just walking out of his office door, coat in hand.

“Sorry,” he says. “Can’t do it now. I’m meeting some friends for drinks.”


Just as you’re thinking, If there are any typos in this thing, I’m screwed – you run into a 30-year-old colleague from the Finance Department, who also is heading out the door. Before you can finish your tale of woe, he takes the paper from your hand, says “I’ll take a look and get it back to you ASAP,” and heads back into

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Your Follower Count Doesn’t Really Matter – Here’s Why

This is probably how happy we all were before News Feed algorithms ruined our lives.

In 2007, Facebook launched this fancy new thing called “Pages” and there was finally a place where your brand could live out its days and directly interact with the people who love it.

It was great – you could share simple updates, your followers would see them, like them, comment on them, share them. You were the most popular brand in all the land. You had more followers than anyone else and you were killing the Facebook game. It was the golden era for brands on social media, and other platforms were quick to follow suit and provide special, new spaces for businesses to flourish. It was a beautiful, organic-driven paradise.


Fast-forward to 2012 – something changed. All of a sudden, this beautiful medium with all of its avenues to reach your followers changed the way the News Feed was organized. This meant that the number of likes you have on no longer mattered. How can I possibly say that? You’ve got thousands of followers on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc., and I have the audacity to tell you that they don’t matter? Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome that your list of followers keeps growing – there’s some immediate validation


Brands that want to help with your doomed health resolutions



New year, new you. Right?

Well, only for about 9 percent of you, according to Statistic Brain. And another study conducted by the HealthifyMe app said 82% of users did not stick to their new year fitness resolution in 2016 for more than a week.

Resolutions were meant to be broken, essentially. Especially fitness and health-related ones. Regardless, year after year, they tend to be frequently chosen by consumers across the country. According to Statistic Brain, it leads the resolution pack as the most popular pick in 2017.

Each year, this provides a wealth of opportunity for fitness-focused brands to position themselves as the key to resolution-keeping success, especially given the wealth of media coverage discussing best practices. For instance, Fast Company just released a list of the best apps to help you keep your resolutions in 2017.

Some enterprising brands have leveraged consumers’ desire to be fit when launching new marketing campaigns and products. Below, we take a look at some examples of these in recent history:

1) Virgin Active (UK)

Virgin Active timed the launch of its gym-themed emojis to coincide with the start of 2016 (you know,


Top 5 Most-Read Health Care Buzz Bin Posts of 2016

‘Tis the season for looking back and looking ahead. Today, I’m continuing our tradition of starting the new year by looking back at the most-read health care posts on The Buzz Bin over the last year. We covered a lot of topics on the blog in 2016. Here are the reader favorites!

5. May Means Hope for Stroke Survivors: Kris Patrow eloquently shared her personal connection to stroke to introduce this important post about stroke awareness, prevention and treatment advances. The post also illustrates some incredible new treatments for stroke survivors on the horizon with client SanBio.20151021-s3_best-practices-for-handling-a-data-breach-1024x768

4. Health Care Data Breaches – The New Normal?: The last few years have seen a flood of data breaches in the health care space. Kim Blake dives into this topic, explaining why personal medical information is so valuable to hackers and how health care organizations can protect their data. This is important information looking forward to 2017 as more and more health data is stored electronically.

3. Gen Z: Five Key Insights for Health Care Brands: While everyone is still focused on millennials, Kim Blake looked ahead to Gen Z and shared

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2017 Digital Trend Predictions

digital_marketing_trends_2017_imageIt’s the start of a new year and while there are prediction lists everywhere, here at PadillaCRT, one of our favorites (and we think most accurate) is the eMarketer list. Not only do they make their calls for 2017, they hold themselves accountable for 2016 as well. We’ve polled some of our own marketers to weigh in on these predictions and to give a sense of what 2017 might bring. Take a look and please leave a comment below with your own thoughts and ideas.

  • Artificial intelligence won’t put marketers out of work—yet
    AI has always been the stuff of sci-fi novels, and it’s funny because people still mostly think of AI as human-like robots, when in all honesty, we’ve been interacting with AI forever. Heck, ATM machines are AI and we still have bank tellers. As digital triggers for ads become smarter, it’s not so much “putting us out of work,” as taking human guesswork out of something that can be statistically scientific. So no. AI will not be putting us out of work, just letting us focus on more of the fun, creative stuff. (Anastasia Lopez)
  • Internet users still won’t change their

PR Industry Trends

Quality over Quantity: 2017 Booze Resolutions

captureWe know. 2017 is going to be YOUR year. The resolutions have been made, the fitness classes have been booked, and the snack cabinet has been padlocked.

And some among us may be opting to drink less alcohol as their resolution for a myriad of reasons, including to lose weight, save money, make smarter texting choices, etcetera. Drinking less alcohol is a goal for many when starting out the new year; binging during the holidays with family and friends can leave a sour taste in one’s mouth and give rise to a renewed determination for cutting back.

No matter the reason, “Dry January” will be a reality for many. For those not quitting cold turkey, quality over quantity may be the best option. So, true to form, we’d like to provide a few choices for those opting to have only the occasional cocktail. To give you the best bang for your alcoholic buck, if you will.

Old World Wines

We foresee 2017 as being a fun, high-quality year that won’t break the bank. You know what’s also high quality and won’t break the bank? Wine from Old Word regions. You can find affordable…

PR Industry Trends

2016 – The Buzz Bin Year In Review


We survived 2016!

It was a wild, strange and perplexing year filled with politics, social issues, the Olympics, celebrities, food, craft beer and wine, and of course emails – so much talk about emails.

Before we get too far into 2017, The Buzz Bin editors wanted to revisit a few of our most popular posts of 2016 and a few of our other favorites based on cultural and social relevance. Here we go!

 The Top Five

Because of our expertise in Food + Beverage, it isn’t surprising that beer and wine dominated The Buzz Bin with four of our top five posts. Our writers had different approaches to writing about beer and wine, from looking at how millennials and women are shaping the industry to making bold predictions about trends. However, a discussion about search engine optimization (SEO) was able to crack the top five.

Here’s a look at our top five posts for 2016 based on unique page views (UPVs).

#5. 20+ Local SEO Tips for Businesses with Multiple Locations. Having strong search rankings requires planning, strategy and flawless execution. In fact, Google looks at more than…


New Year Prediction: Brands with Conviction Will Thrive

As we approach the new year and a new president, the country remains divided, the future most uncertain and for many, the threat to American democracy unthinkable.

As the public or shall we say consumers, become increasingly incited by the social environment, brands will be forced to take a stand. Those that toe the line of neutrality may end up vulnerable for remaining agnostic in relation to civil rights.

Let’s review what we’ve seen so far.

BuzzFeed terminated a $1.3 million dollar ad deal from the Republican National Committee over Donald Trump.

Tecate, a Mexican beer company, mocked Trump’s proposed border wall with a Tecate beer wall in the spirit of bringing people together.tecate

When Donald Trump Jr. compared Syrian refugees to a bowl of Skittles,” Wrigley brilliantly responded with the following statement: “Skittles are candy. Refugees are people. We don’t feel it’s an appropriate analogy. We will respectfully refrain from further commentary as anything we say could be misinterpreted as marketing.”skittlesAmazon released an important ad featuring the friendship between a priest and an imam to promote Amazon Prime, but