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Missed Opportunity at the University of Florida

University of FloridaGive the University of Florida an “A” for bold thinking, but an “F” for poor communications around a new program that requires some freshmen to complete their first year of classes online.

The specially admitted students did not apply to an online program, nor were they told of an online-only possibility.The news arrived with their acceptance letters, prompting a barrage of questions from students and parents.

“We got quite a few calls,” Joe Glover, UF’s provost, told the Tampa Bay Times. “People did not understand. Some were upset.”

University officials readily admit to an “experiment” designed to increase freshmen enrollment and that the online program didn’t exist even last fall when students applied, but announcing it in acceptance letters creates a “bait and switch” perception that starts important new relationships off on the wrong foot.

UF’s online approach deserves attention. It increases enrollment, increases revenue and probably costs relatively little to implement. It’s fresh thinking in an evolving marketplace.

Proper communications to applicants about the program wouldn’t have cost much, and the outreach would have delivered a big return.

By preparing students and families before sending acceptance letters, UF could have…


10 Paid Tactics for B2B Content Marketing & Brand Awareness

Here’s a look at 10 paid tactics that could be used to build out a PESO (paid, earned, shared, owned) model when pursuing content marketing for B2B clients.

Usage & Effectiveness

A recent survey created by the Content Marketing Institute surveyed B2B Marketers on paid tactics used and their effectiveness.

1. Paid Search

It’s no surprise that Paid Search is top of the list for effectiveness. Given the robust targeting techniques and data driven nature of the tactic it’s easy to attribute conversions and calculate ROI. Aside from the robust data that paid search provides, the core fact that search is a pull medium is a huge asset when compared to other tactics.

2. Promoted Posts & Tweets

Give content a boost through a promoted post on Facebook or promoted tweet on Twitter. Many B2B clients may not see the benefit of social advertising but assuming that these platforms are groomed for their specific audience they can be quite effective.

3. Linked-In Ads

Another PPC form of advertising that can…

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Coming up at #PRSAHealth

During the second week of May, health care communicators from across the country will gather in Cleveland at the 2015 PRSA Health Academy Conference. Experts from national health systems, associations and agencies will discuss some of the biggest trends and challenges facing the industry.

PadillaCRT is the presenting sponsor of the event, and as a member of the health team, I’m looking forward to joining the conversation. Two of the programs, especially, have caught my eye.


1. Think Like a Scientist, Communicate Like a Storyteller, presented by Spectrum.  As a media relations specialist, this is a big one for me. Yes, we know that human interest stories are often the quickest way to capture someone’s attention, but what lies beneath the emotion? Data. Without research and insights, you’re only telling half the story. A solid foundation based in data is critical for a good healthcare story, and I’m looking forward to hearing what the Spectrum team has to share.

2. Making Cause-Related Marketing Social, presented by New York–Presbyterian. Everyone knows that NYP does social well – they engage with influencers every day. Just recently, they dedicated…

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Brand Withstand for Next Generation Consumers

For brands that want to engage the next generation of consumers, be wise and recognize that Gen Z is not to be confused with Millennials. Born between 1998 and 2008, Gen Zs are a very rational group of able young consumers raised by highly realistic Gen Xer parents. In their world, terrorism inhabits the news, privacy really is a luxury and taking risks is as important as the journey. Some of them are already old enough to be in college, and it won’t be long before they have careers and families. Most of all, their extraordinary access to the internet allows them to make informed and useful choices and they no longer rely on adults for information. In a nutshell: Gen Zs are humble, phone-obsessed and like video games. They’re worried about the environment, prefer visuals over text and favor undercover social media.generation-z

So, how do marketers connect with this new breed of Gen Z consumers that make up the largest population demographic at nearly 26 percent? Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get your brand closer to acceptance by Gen Z consumers:

Take risk and overcome obstacles

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Developing a Personal Brand on a Global Stage

I was in sixth grade the first time I remember anyone talking to me about Internet safety: “Do not EVER, put any personal information on the Internet. Don’t give out your real name. Never give out your address, or your birthdate or any other personal information. The Internet is dangerous.” To be fair, they were warning us about Internet chat rooms, so, I get it; but I remember thinking it was strange that we had this tool that connected the world and all we were ever going to do was lie to each other with it.

Fast forward to 2015, and Facebook knows my full name, date of birth, my last four places of employment, every city I’ve ever lived in, my phone number and anything else someone may want to know about me. In fact, more often than not, when I’m going to meet someone for the first time, or shortly after I’ve met them, I will spend time checking out their social channels to figure out what they’re like. Let me reiterate, before anyone in the world has ever met you, they can develop a sense of who you are. What does your personal brand say about you?…


How to Avoid a Photoshoot #fail

Last week was the type of week that I stepped back in awe of my job.

Prosciutto149 (1)

EXHIBIT A: A shot from our recent Prosciutto di Parma shoot. Read on to see how your shots can end up this gorgeously yummified.

For eight hours, I worked with creative geniuses to visually showcase my client’s yummy, luscious, delectable product – Prosciutto di Parma. I didn’t even get to eat it, but I still walked away with a smile on my face, knowing that we rocked it. Why am I so confident in our outcomes? Because no matter the subject of a photo shoot, whether it’s food, lifestyle or consumer products, there are specific parameters we set before walking into the room. These critical elements are what you need to ensure your photos are just as beautiful as you imagined.

  • Set clear objectives. What are your expectations going into this shoot? This includes the rationale behind it, what the client expects, who your audience is, how you want the product shown and particularly, how the photos will be used when they’re done.
  • Decide on the creative theme… and stick to…
  • Crisis Management

    Oh Shift! Brand Takeaways from #LillyforTarget

    pic 1

    Whether or not you’re a fan of the brightly colored patterns and dresses created by Lilly Pulitzer, you can find something interesting about the massive scramble to buy the coveted products at Target yesterday.

    pic 2

    From: BuzzFeed

    The line went on sale early (around 3 a.m.) Sunday morning, with traffic so heavy that inventory was wiped out in hours, even though the site was shut down due to maintenance numerous times. The brick and mortar stores saw their items disappear even faster, with words like “bloodbath” being used to describe the effort.

    It was a chaotic and profitable answer to the supply + demand + brand equation. It was also an interesting study on whether such partnerships put luxury designers at risk of “watering-down” their brand or alienating an extremely loyal customer base. Did Lilly Pulitzer do either with their Target partnership? You decide.


    Preserving a Brand

    It is important first to understand the Lilly Pulitzer story. The company was created by heiress Lillian Pulitzer Rousseau, socialite and wife to Peter Pulitzer. The couple…

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    I’m 30 and I really like Snapchat


    Why would you remotely want to use Snapchat? You send a message and then it’s deleted…  that seems pretty pointless. I used to be familiar with the platform in the sense that I understood the marketing opportunities and followed the trends and changes, but I wasn’t an active user by any stretch. Snapchat had been embraced by college students and tweens– 71 percent of users are 25 and younger to be exact – and I just didn’t find it valuable for me personally. I had chosen Instagram and Facebook as my social networks of choice.

    Then, I started getting a bit self-conscious about my status updates on Facebook. Do all 700 of my “friends” really care that I’m eating tasty Banh Mi at a food truck fair? And, is that something I really want to have on my timeline for the rest of my life? As a result of this “deep and meaningful” personal social media soul searching, my status updates on Facebook during the last few months have become fewer and farther between. Don’t get me wrong – I still visit Facebook at least three to five times a day. I’m just not posting nearly as much.…

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    How to Make Your Product A Big Deal: Lessons from the Apple Watch

    appleDue to launch on April 24, Apple’s introductory product in the wearable technology category has received its share of hype. Though the hard numbers have yet to be released, it’s estimated that Americans bought one million Apple Watches in the first six hours on the first day of preorders. Here are a few lessons to learn from the coveted Apple Watch:

    1) Make it personal.
    Just like a great suit, a great product should be able to be tailored to the different tastes of its target consumers so that they can make it their own. The millennial audience, for example, is intent on being unique and personalization plays to this desire as a form of expression. From a variety of watch editions, to faces, to bands – Apple has made a point to cover all of their bases when it comes to offering customizable design options for the Apple Watch to complement a variety of lifestyles and meet individual aesthetic preferences. The Apple Watch isn’t just for the techie – it’s for the athlete, the businessperson, and the doctor – virtually anyone and everyone. It offers impressive capabilities in a wearable, fashionable,…


    Life at the Push of a Button

    If you haven’t already seen the latest launch from Amazon, watch this video before you even bother reading the rest of my post. Seriously.

    Amazon took the first step this week in creating a direct line from home to store without the need for an iPhone, iPad or iCloud. The tech giant launched what they’re calling the Dash Button, a little USB-looking button, which enables consumers to reorder the toothpaste they’re running low on (while they’re thinking about it).

    At the push of button, you get your favorite product delivered straight to your door –


    The thirsty future of the Dash Button? Probably not.

    tomorrow – via Amazon Prime, which has become a staple in my apartment (mainly from my responsible roommate).

    So, are these buttons the new automated shopping vehicle? Is this the first of many blinged out buy-it-now buttons? I think so and here’s why:

    1. There’s barely a path to purchase. In fact, there is none. There are minimal barriers to entry – and what brand wouldn’t want that? Consumers are purchasing your product at the exact moment they need you. Small brick…