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The Back-to-School Digital Business

Back-to-school means another year of fresh books, backpacks and binders. But in 2016, purchasing each of these items is far from basic. With the evolution of digital media casting a halo on our everyday lives, it’s no surprise that parents are spending more and more using their mobile devices when it comes to back-to-school shopping. Brands are very intuitively using those mobile screens as another money-making method to feed into consumers’ habits. So, just as seasons change, trends do too. There are brands that are evolving from typical marketing methods by tapping into digital apps or social media to target parents in an insightful way with back-to-school incentives and tips, which not only boosts sales but leaves parents, and of course their kids, satisfied.

Back-to-school preparation may be perceived as a monumental event. And with each year that passes, it just keeps getting bigger. According to AdWeek and eMarketer, back-to-school sales in the U.S. are expected to increase 2.6 percent this year, which means sales for the season may total around $828.8 billion. A separate study reported by Adweek and released by GfK and Facebook IQ, notes that more than 60 percent of adults in a recent survey

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20+ Local SEO Tips for Businesses with Multiple Locations

Having strong search rankings requires thorough planning, strategy and flawless execution. Google looks at over 200 factors when ranking content and the markup, site structure, user experience and content of a website all play a role in how a particular website ranks in search.

When looking at SEO for organizations with multiple locations this can become infinitely more complicated from a technology and optimization standpoint. However, when planning out how to ensure locations rank in search there are a few major areas to consider.

What Exactly is Local SEO?

  • Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website to garner results in Google’s Local Results
  • Google will return “local results” when a geographic location is added to a search
  • For instance: “home improvement Richmond Va” will return local results because this search is aimed at finding something within a specific geographic area


Why Optimize Your Site for Local SEO?

local seo

  • Google (and other search engines) factor in location data when displaying search results.
  • People tend to include cities/states/regions when searching for locations on the web.
  • In

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RIOlizations: Social marketing learnings from the 2016 Summer Games

With the Olympics over, the internet is “lit” with nostalgia: the good, the bad, and the Lochte. Back in April, Rio was projected to be the most social Olympics ever, with 18% of Millennials saying they would discuss the Games on Snapchat. The results are in, and nearly 50 million people watched Olympics coverage on that platform alone. Beyond the substantial social conversation, Rio offered many takeaways applicable to any social marketing campaign. Read on for strategic do’s and don’ts gleaned from the Summer Games.



Explore new avenues for reaching new audiences. In an effort to connect with a younger audience, NBC struck a deal with Snapchat – the reigning social network among teens today – making the app NBC’s only U.S. partner allowed to distribute official Olympics content. The partnership included a popup Snapchat Discover channel and Snapchat-curated live stories covering many aspects of the various Olympic events.

Foster connections between your subject and your audience. It’s no secret that humans love human interest stories. The storytelling aspect of the Olympics will always play a major role in sought-after coverage – it humanizes these…


How B2B Content Marketing Can Stand Out in the Noise


Digital channels are bursting with content. And while a consumer brand can stand out using funny Snapchat influencers or easy-to-consume short videos, B2B audiences are looking for more. An instigator of a purchase needs information that shows how the solution will improve their quality of work, the efficiency of their process, etc.

They also need information that proves value to every stakeholder who checks off the purchase and will evaluate the instigator on its success. It’s especially true for B2B technology companies. The person who begins the purchase process could have a dozen stakeholders with different specialties and interests.

The growth of content marketing has largely been thanks to the need for so much information in making business decisions. But often customers are given a blog or article that reads like a product page. They’re left to interpret the reason to buy.

A B2B company’s audience needs more valuable information before committing to a product or service. So to help them see the value and show it to others, content marketing can be there to provide useful, supported content that’s relevant to the audience and drives towards some definable goal.

That’s a lot to unpack, but two integral aspects are


Fallon Social Media Strategy: #GetJimmyWitIt

With over 40 million Twitter followers, we know the guy is doing something right. Jimmy Fallon’s robust, multi-platform social media presence can be summed up in a three-pronged approach to social media strategy. The following tactics are key for brands aiming to thrive in the social realm.

1. Tailor content to each platform

The majority of Fallon’s Facebook and Twitter posts consist of the latest show content packaged into shareable video clips and GIFs – a tactical move considering most platform algorithms favor visuals, yielding much higher user engagement than content that does not include visual elements.

The Tonight Show’s Instagram account documents backstage and onstage moments with Fallon’s guests in addition to GIFs of the latest show content. The show has additional social presence on Snapchat, where staff pose challenges that encourage fans to send snaps back for a chance to be featured. Fallon’s celebrity guests also participate in Snapchat ‘takeovers’ as a tease to the show that night. This informal and uncut, behind-the-scenes content is exactly what Snapchat users expect to see from celebrities and organizations on Snapchat. No one platform is the same. Followers expect to see different kinds of content


The 5 Best Summer Brand Campaigns of 2016

Capture1Click. Shhhft. Ahhh. Now that’s the sound of summer. Whether it’s a beer, soda, seltzer or water, that sound evokes a sense of ease in the dead of summer. The same can be said for a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream or a cool bite from a refreshing salad on a hot, sunny day.

These visceral consumer experiences are ones that our favorite brands strive to incite in the crowded marketing landscape that is summer. But for a brand whose sales heavily depend on this season, it’s even more critical to set it apart from all the others.

Take a swig of this fact:  Nearly one-third of all beer sales take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Even scarier: summertime accounts for about 40% of annual ice cream sales.

With this in mind, I looked at seasonal brands with core summer businesses that are breaking out of the mold this season, as well as their keys to success for marketers.

  • Budweiser = “America”: You can love it, or you can hate it, but you have to admit that AB Inbev made a splash with this stunt. Whether or

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Man vs. Cocktail


I’m noticing a trend: cocktail manufacturers are targeting men.

Case in point: Stoli. Interestingly, their research showed that while nearly three of four millennial men liked flavored cocktails, the vast majority 63% claimed that they avoid them in public because they were anxious about what their friends would say.

Nearly half of millennial men said that there was a negative stigma associated with men drinking flavored cocktails because they are seen as a drink for women.

Millennials are more insecure about this than older generations: 41% of millennial men think that their drink of choice is a reflection of their masculinity compared to 32% of Gen Xers and only 15% of boomers.

Stoli chose to tackle the issue head-on with a cheeky new ad campaign focusing on their flavored vodka and easy-to-order cocktails.


Others have sought to overcome this perception hurdle by bringing the cocktail experience home. At Food Loves Tech, one of the featured gadgets was Bartesian’s home cocktail maker. Currently in pre-sales mode and seeking funding via a Kickstarter campaign, it takes the public cocktail experience into the home.

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The Dad Connection on Social

Despite the celebratory cookouts, activities and cards shared over the weekend, dads weren’t quite feeling the love this Father’s Day – from brands, that is. Of more than 1,000 socially active dads surveyed in a recent study by Social Media Link, nearly two-thirds feel that moms steal the spotlight with Mother’s Day in May.

The majority of today’s parents use social media, often turning to these platforms as parenting resources. Though the mom audience is known to be more heavily engaged on social, the dad audience also maintains a strong presence here and shouldn’t be overlooked. The Social Media Link study revealed that men are more active on social as fathers than before they had kids – proving that the social arena is key for brands wanting to connect with dads.

Source: Social Media Link

But how do we reach them? Below are a few strategies to keep in mind when aiming to appeal to dads on social.

  • Specify/get to know the generation. What generation of dads do you want to reach? Identify an era to focus on – every generation is different, and

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When Celebs Tweet, We Eat: Advice for Marketers When That Mention Happens


There have been a recent slew of celebs tweeting or name dropping restaurant chains in their new albums. And what have the chains done? The smart ones have engaged with them in a timely manner on social media in an attempt to continue the momentum and drive sales. What is surprising though is that even when some chains failed (ahem, Red Lobster), the mention alone caused a sizable lift in sales.

So let’s pull a few notable examples…

Adele tweet

Following Adele’s rough Grammy performance she tweeted out her late-night game plan to her 25MM plus followers. Not surprising, her fans went wild – like animal style – with nearly 33K retweets. As a brand, you pray for this type of mention. Some estimate the value of that single tweet to be $200K if she had been paid for it. To my knowledge though, In-N-Out Burger did not respond.


Then look at this guy – one of our favs. Who knew Drake was such a fan of The Cheesecake Factory? He gave the restaurant a shout-out in his recent “Child’s Play” singing:

“Why you gotta fight with me

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Ruling the Realm of Teendom: What Snapchat’s Doing Right

For brands and marketers, Snapchat may be the metaphorical yellow-brick road to the realm of teendom. Over the past year, the app has risen to the top as the reigning social network among teens. In spring of 2015, the first-place ranking was held by Instagram, which now comes in close-second and is followed by Twitter and Facebook, a recent study reports. Snapchat boasts more than 100 million daily users spending an average of 25-30 minutes on the app each day. User Stories (i.e. user-created broadcasts that expire after 24 hours and can be seen by any of their friends on the network) fuel 10 billion daily video views – and that’s not even including the amount of content directly exchanged between users of the app. The following are a few key concepts imbedded in Snapchat’s structure and culture that have built, and continue to strengthen, its popularity with the teen demographic:

  • Visual storytelling – first and foremost. We’re all well aware of the weight visuals carry on social platforms and how greatly they impact user reach and engagement. While Facebook and Twitter began with an emphasis on text, later adopting the