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Top 3 Tips to Grow your Instagram Followers


You think Instagram is the way to go for your business. You’ve identified your target audience and you’re starting to work on your platform strategy. Growing your followers is going to be one of your primary goals, so read on for three easy steps to get started.

1)      Thoughtful Content – Instagram is not just about reposting other photos you’re already McDs exampleusing on Facebook. Brands are truly upping their game on this photo platform. To be successful, you need to have thoughtful and artistic content. Who is your audience? Research other brands that are trying to reach the same group, and look at their content on Instagram. Learn from their top posts. My guess is you’ll find a few key themes. Successful brands on Instagram are going the extra mile. Their content is unique and quirky, and they don’t develop it overnight. Great content takes thought, so make sure you are ready to invest the time.

Lovin’ this one from McDonalds. Hashtag game is on point, too.


2)      Hashtags, use ‘em – This one is a bit controversial. You’ll find other articles on this topic that tell you to…


Why Health Industry CEOs Should Blog

blog computer keyI recently read an article in a local business trade about what makes a CEO trustworthy to investors. The author told the story of how a woman without financial savvy inherited a portfolio from her father and, in conjunction with a financial advisor, gave a thumbs up or down based on reading the chief executive’s letter to shareholders for each new investment. And you thought no one read those….

Not only are people taking notice of what company executives are saying, but they are also paying attention to those who are not saying anything, or those who speak using corporate jargon. A timely case in point for why to avoid jargon is the recent announcement by Anthem and Cigna regarding their pending merger:

“Together our companies would rapidly build on each other’s complementary strengths to create a diversified platform that could better capitalize on new opportunities and meaningfully deliver innovative, quality solutions to all of our stakeholders,” said Joseph Swedish, president and chief executive officer of Anthem.”

“Anthem expects the combination would be accretive to operating earnings per share and that the combined enterprise would generate significant annual cost synergies by achieving…

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Secret Features on Social Media

The best social media platforms listen to their users, test and then implement features to help optimize the experience. But then let’s tell people about it, right?

Most features I’ve learned from spending time on handles, posting for clients and from colleagues along the way. Some of the below I just learned from this handy Salesforce infographic though. Take a look and then do what we all hope for in social media — SHARE IT.



Courtesy of Salesforce Canada


Top 3 things communicators can learn from Reddit’s Debacle, per Reddit

imagesWho:, billed as “the front page of the internet;” it is where over 165 million monthly unique visitors are drawn to share just about anything on just about anything, if you will.

What: Hundreds of subreddits (the moniker given to Reddit’s massive amount of diverse forum boards) were blacked out, denying its loyal followers access to an otherwise very accessible medium.

Where: Based in San Francisco, but with an Alexa ranking (website popularity ranking based off average daily visitors and page views) of 33 globally and nine in the U.S., much more publicly than San Fran.

When: July 2nd—just before the fireworks went off; the fireworks went off.

Why: In protest of an unexpected and unaccounted dismissal of now former director of communications, Victoria Taylor. Taylor was “responsible for nearly all of reddit’s positive press,” said a moderator (volunteers who police and in this case coordinate content of subreddits)  in the subreddit /r/AmA (Ask Me Anything), a wildly-popular forum where guests such as Barack Obama, frequently Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Gates and a smattering of who’s who answer “redditors” questions. She was almost solely responsible for reaching out and facilitating these user-conducted interviews and…


Q&A with Matt Fairchild: New Tech Tools for Tech Brands

Fairchild_ComposedOne of the popular narratives about technology is its capacity for disruption. Airbnb hopes to change how we think about hotels. Uber wants to be the go-to taxi service. But technology is doing much more than creating competitors. Technology will perhaps be most influential in connecting customers with brands.

Every customer interaction with a brand is an opportunity to earn that customer’s attention, to tell a purposeful story, and to be remembered. Instead of crawling through an entire website, customers can find exactly the information they seek thanks to site design that responds to how the site was used in the past. Instead of presenting consumers with a wordy explanation of the true value of a product, a VR headset can offer virtual tours that describe the benefits in a more interactive way. The possibilities for technology to influence marketing are nearly infinite.

In fact, the sheer number of possibilities inspired me to know more about the current state of technology and where it might be going. Luckily, I had a chance to sit down with PadillaCRT’s new vice president of technology and innovation, Matt Fairchild, and ask a few questions about…

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3 Easy Facebook Insights Tips to Boost Engagement


Social media is the only place where you can interact with your brand’s advocates (and not-so-advocates) in real-time. But before you can engage effectively, you have to take a look at your page’s analytics. Here are three easy tips to improve your brand’s Facebook engagement by spending a little time in Facebook Insights.

1)      Know your Audience – Easy right? You’d be surprised. Head over to the “People” tab in Facebook Insights to learn more about your audience.

We’ve found that some of the brands we work with have very segmented audiences on each of their social network profiles. For instance, unlike typical Facebook demographics, one of our clients skews very heavily to boomers on Facebook. When we came on board, they were posting content without thinking about who they were reaching. By taking a quick peek at their insights to hone in on their target audience, we were able to make some simple changes to their content that already have yielded big results – doubling the organic reach in just a week without any paid support.

2)      Timing – Great news, no need to scour the internet anymore for stats about the best times to post on Facebook. Facebook…

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Digital Storytelling: How to Share Ideas in Innovative Ways

Today we have the technology to consume content in a more interactive way. And I’m not talking via Twitter, Instagram’s recent visual news update or TheSkimm.

From journalism to brand storytelling to user-generated content, we can now use data visualization, animation, interactivity, and sound to build content that is truly immersive. I was lucky to attend a recent PRSA digital event where I witnessed state-of-the-art digital stories at Lightbox’s unique floor-to-ceiling displays.

Here are two pieces I was mesmerized by. I would encourage you to click through and experience them as well. Go on, I promise it’s worth it!

Washington Post’s Interactive Everest Climb

The Guardian’s Crowd-sourced Database – The Counted:

The Counted_3The CountedThe Counted 2

Now these digital stories were an investment, but more tools are being released everyday to allow us to be more innovative for our clients.

Tools for Brands:

1. Magisto – Simply select your videos/images, a theme and stock music. This app does the rest in a matter of minutes.


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Instagram Now Insta-Search

Buzz Bin Post 6.25

The big news in content curation this week came from Instagram, which announced enhancements to the app that will enable users to explore real-time imagery from the world’s current events.

Until now, the searchability piece was missing in the Instagram puzzle. With the new Search & Explore feature, users have an opportunity to seamlessly flip through trending events, places, and conversations here and around the globe.

Looking for real-time photos from the Women’s World Cup in Canada? Or images from the Paris Uber protests? Instagram’s got you covered.

Buzz Bin Post 6.25

But why is this so important to us? Why are we so excited about another opportunity to open our eyes to other worldly news? And what does this say about our society’s unwavering desire to SEE events unfold versus READ about them?

  • We’re the ambulance chasers. Admit it. You’ve sat at a red light deciding whether or not to follow that ambulance or police car. Gossip, thrill and things in disarray drive us. They excite us. If we can’t be on the scene, we need to…
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    Hard Cider in Hudson Valley – An Empire State of Mind

    I don’t know about other New Yorkers City dwellers but I often like to escape this urban jungle. An easy escape is New York’s Hudson Valley, where I was lucky enough to be raised for the better part of my childhood. The region consists of 10 counties and extends into an area of 150 miles. It begins just minutes after leaving the tip of Manhattan by car or train, over and alongside the river, named after Henry Hudson, who explored the famous Valley over 400 years ago. The area has a myriad of natural beauty, history and tradition, hence why it is designated as a National Heritage Area. Aside from quaint towns, breathtaking hiking trails and shopping malls, there’s also plenty for food lovers to cheer about, like renowned farm-to-table restaurants  and bakeries, The Culinary Institute of America, bountiful farms, wineries and distilleries. Fact: Hudson Valley is actually the oldest wine producing region in the United States, and  in addition to all this enticement and charm, it was also devotedly named as the nation’s “apple belt”. The Empire State is the second largest producer of apples in the USA, producing nearly 30 million bushels of this pomaceous fruit annually…

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    July 4th Pairings – 3 Infographics to Bookmark Now

    According to the History Channel, four out of five Americans attend a BBQ on 4th of July weekend. Market research has long identified Independence Day, and the two-week period surrounding it, as the pinnacle for annual beer sales across the nation. So it’s fair to assume you’ll have a drink with your burger, brats or ribs, whether you fire up the grill yourself or watch someone else tame the flame.

    Finding the right wine, beer or cocktail pairing for your BBQ can be challenging. I spent two hours reviewing existing pairing charts and identified my top three, so you don’t have to. You’re welcome! Bookmark ‘em now, and shopping for your summer grilling adventures will be a breeze.

    1.       VinePair: Wine Pairings For Popular BBQ Styles

    Regional BBQ styles are paired with recommendations for matching red and white wines. Even though the infographic is branded work from Vina Zaco, the picks are generic enough to have them handy when you stop by the store. (A close second is this infographic, also from VinePair.)

    bbq beer small

    2.       Food Republic: Wine and Veggie Match-Up 

    Veggies can be tricky…