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5 booze trends to ban from predictions

People in booze have been scouring the internet for upcoming trends and predictions in 2015. The only list that caught my attention was Kara Newman’s post on Everything else was the same old boring stuff. It was as though the majority of predictions were just rehashes of previous years. Are people getting lazy? Or is there nothing new?

Rather than give my predictions, I’m doing something a little different. Here are my top five trends that you ALWAYS see in year-start predictions that need to be banned as they’re NOT trends…

The Mad Men Effect – OK, old school cocktails are cool. They never really went away, so stop saying they’re back! Since the show’s last season is this year, we also need a better name for this movement.

Small Batches are Big – People go ga-ga over artisanal, small batch producers. It makes you feel special that you’re having something so unique. And now that more and more distilleries are popping up around the country, this isn’t going away.

The Death of the 3-tier System – This is not happening. This will…

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Super Bowl Ad Watch 2015: The Newcastle Revolution


Variety has reported that NBC is charging a record $4.5 million for a 30-second Super Bowl spot this year. Is it worth it? Well, considering it’s one of the few times ads themselves generate significant earned media coverage, maybe. But it’s not the only way to earn buzz for you brand on Super Bowl Sunday. Non-advertisers aren’t allowed to refer to the game as the Super Bowl or even call the teams by their full names, but nonetheless plenty of brands that don’t advertise receive tons of buzz during “Big Game” season, and this year it’s headed to a new level.

Real-time/ambush marketing during the Super Bowl is nothing new. Each year, PR strategists and brand marketers head into war rooms on Super Bowl Sunday, interacting with fans and brands, with the goal of gaining coveted earned buzz without forking over $4.5 million dollars. If you’ve worked in PR or advertising for more than 10 seconds, I’m sure you’ve heard about the infamous Oreo “Dunk in the Dark” tweet, which is often referenced as ultimate example of real-time marketing. Engaging on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine, each brand tries to be wittier than competitors, commenting on the game…

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The Power of Digital Engagement: A Case Study on Rent the Runway


With multiple weddings looming this past summer, I turned to online fashion tool, Rent the Runway, as a solution to finding multiple event-appropriate dresses. The model of Rent the Runway is simple and flawless: you browse their selection of thousands of designer dresses and accessories and find one in your size and budget to rent. When it’s time for your event, they ship you the dress (along with a free backup size) and provide a paid return package for easy drop off once it’s been worn. With prices as low as $30 per rental, it’s a budget-friendly option women are flocking to.

I ordered my dress about three months in advance and naturally, completely forgot about it. About a week before the wedding, I received an email from one of their stylists, Reylisa, alerting me that the dress I’d reserved was damaged beyond repair. She told me to pick out any dress (regardless of rental price) and she’d overnight it to me for the wedding. I replied with three dresses, one of which was way beyond my budget, but let her know any of them would work. Reylisa…

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2015 Food Trends: What we love, hate and can’t wait to start

Each January is jam-packed with trend analyses and predictions, and the food/beverage/nutrition world is no exception. Here, instead of restating what was or professing to know what will be, our cross-category team of food marketing experts shares its hopes and dreams for the good, the bad and the not-yet-developed trends.

FOOD MEDIA – Max Martens

A trend I hope to see continue:  

Printed recipe illustrations

Seeing recipe ingredients deconstructed and laid artfully side by side demystifies complex dishes and gives us publicists a way to gain awareness for ingredients that aren’t always visible in a finished dish.

HappinessIs (Source: HappinessIs blog)

A trend I hope to see fade:


They aren’t unique to food journalism, but in this genre I’m tired of seeing the likes of “the five pancakes to eat before you die” and “top 20 restaurants with secret menus.”

A trend I hope to see start:

Some sort of reconciliation between the extremes of typical eye-grabbing consumer food headlines

Deprivation and decadence. Diets vs. deliciousness. Let’s face the fact that food can be really good ­AND good for you if you do it right.



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Beyond impressions – key PR metrics for 2015

The New Year provides new opportunities to do great work for your clients.  In the wine industry, success is measured by the number of cases sold and marketing, sales and PR are ultimately evaluated by how much they contribute to the “bottom line.” At the end of the day, the main question is: How much was sold?

As communication professionals, we appreciate a good challenge. How PR contributes to sales and how to measure that connection is an evergreen challenge.  A recent PR Newswire survey proved that the most common PR goals are (still) outputs, not outcomes. Who doesn’t want media coverage (an “output” goal), but how do media hits translate to very real outcomes, like web traffic, conversions, sales leads, etc.? PR measurement guru Katie Paine is known for her opinion that “HITS are How Idiots Track Success.” While I wouldn’t go that far, there are great metrics to complement your target number of impressions when creating 2015 goals for your client.

Earned Media

A media placement is the result of hard work, but don’t stop at reporting the number of impressions. Observe…

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Sitting on the Corporate Client Side

Every work environment has its own culture, and that difference is probably never more prominent than between agency and client-side work. Sure, the way in which we do PR is pretty much the same wherever you practice – strategy, writing, relationship development, branding, message training, media outreach, etc. But, agencies generally move at lightning speed on many projects simultaneously and have an opportunity to let creativity push boundaries. On the other hand, corporate companies are inclined to move at a slower pace and their schedules are usually more predictable. Projects tend to be the same year-over-year and they are at a great advantage of getting to know one client well from the inside.

So, when a client of PadillaCRT requested onsite assistance for an extended period of time, I took advantage of an opportunity to support a client and find out if the grass was greener. I’ve been on the agency side ever since I entered the workforce and, after this experience, I’ve realized that you really don’t know what you don’t know. After walking in the corporate client’s shoes and attempting to glide between the two worlds, I learned a thing or two about account management and client relationships.…

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BuzzLine: What’s your (tiny) New Year’s Resolution?

1 Tis the season of “losing 10 pounds,” “giving up carbs,” and “working out every day.” That’s right; it’s that wonderful time of year when people start brainstorming their New Year’s resolutions.  As healthy and optimistic as our intentions are every year, how many of us can say we actually keep up with them for more than a week? A month? A couple of months? Trying to make these huge lifestyle changes each year clearly isn’t working, at least for me…or I’d be a marathon runner with a six pack.

In fact, only 8 percent of people who set New Year’s resolutions actually stick to them. Maybe that’s because we consistently set goals that require us to change our lives in a major way. So this year, let’s commit to setting smarter, smaller and more fun resolutions. You’ll reach them faster and have more reasons to celebrate throughout the year, and who doesn’t love a celebration?

My tiny goals this year are:

-          Remember friends’ birthdays… without Facebook’s help

-          Finish a Chapstick before losing it

-          Try new wine: Boxed doesn’t count

-          Celebrate the small successes, every day…

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BuzzLine: Instagram vs. Twitter

buzzlineIts official – Instagram has beat out Twitter as the most actively used social networking site. Wednesday Instagram reported it has 300 million active monthly users. That’s a lot of #picsoftheday! Although Instagram’s growth has been fast, it’s no surprise, really. As visuals become ingrained in everything we do from reading the news to calling up a friend on FaceTime, it’s no revelation that a social networking platform based 100% on pictures would quickly rise to the top.

However, Twitter remains an important platform not only to communicate with your friends, but for brands to engage with their consumers. Millennials will continue to gain more and more buying power, about $200 billion annually by 2017, so being able to interact with them on the variety of different platforms they’re using is not just fun and games anymore – it’s vital to brand exposure.

So let’s brainstorm! Imagine you are the Chief Marketing Officer for Twitter…what six-word tagline would you create to help the brand continue to gain popularity and active users?


- Connect through conversation and tweet on!

- Save the bird, send a tweet

- Some pictures aren’t…

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5 Data-Driven Tips for Boosting Your Biz’s Twitter Content

Twitter for Biz

A couple of weeks ago, Hubspot released some very useful stats to help businesses develop more effective Twitter content. When developing a social media plan, you easily can become too focused on overall strategy and overlook simple findings like these, which are critical to creating effective tactics. After all, without great tactics to support your strategy, you won’t be able to deliver on your end goals.

So without further ado, here are a few of Hubspot’s key findings along with some tips on how you can use them to make the most of your business’s great content on Twitter.  

  • Tweets from businesses that contain images are 34% more likely to get retweeted than tweets from businesses with no image at all. 

    Tip: If your company has a good content marketing strategy, this should be easy. Take a screenshot of a stat from your latest infographic. Having a get-together at the office? Take a photo of that to show your business’s personality. If you’ve released a report lately, you can screenshot a graph of one of your key findings. Images are everywhere, it’s just up to you to find them and share them.


  • Tweets from businesses with a URL…
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    How design processes and technology can make a difference

    Innovation. It’s what fuels us in today’s economy. Knowing how to turn those ideas into solutions can be challenging. In the spirit of giving and sharing our talents, here are a few examples of things you can do to channel your talents to help turn innovation into solutions.


    Rapid Design Prototyping. With rapid prototyping, you can quickly shape your design thinking into solutions that help people. The at Stanford University is changing the way we approach our design solutions. They teach a rapid approach to design thinking, and I have been really lucky to participate in a couple of classes that they offer, including the 90-minute Gift-Giving Project. It’s available for anyone to do online, but it is fun with a Stanford facilitator from the! You can also see it via this video.

    In the gift-giving challenge, you get to explore the basic principles of design. The challenge is to redesign the gift-giving experience. And in the spirit of the holidays, I encourage you to rethink this process for the people in your life!

    Hackathon, hackday, hack fest, code fest! What is this? An intense collaboration of software development teams…

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