BuzzLine: Fly Little Peep!

Finally, spring has sprung.

peepsI know this because the sun is shining, it feels great here in RVA and Peeps have made their annual migration to the candy aisle.

The Easter-time favorite, however, is about to make a push for year-round relevance.

According to BusinessWeek, Peeps’ manufacturer Just Born will launch Peeps Minis on May 1. The “bite-sized, flavored version of the old-time candy” will come in three flavors: strawberry crème, chocolate crème and sour watermelon.

This week on the BuzzLine, let’s see if we can help the little Peeps take flight – with some six-word taglines, of course!

Maybe… Peeps Minis:

  • A sweet treat for peeps everywhere.
  • Any time is the right time.
  • Tweet Tweet! We all love Peeps!

I know you can do better than that… Here are the rules.

Put your suggested SIX-WORD (no more, no less) tagline in the comments below. If we like yours best, you’ll win a Starbucks gift card for a treat of your choosing. Marshmallows optional.

We’ll announce a winner next week. And congrats to last week’s winner, Lauren Smith!

Now, Peep it up.

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BuzzLine: SAVE BIG!

Happy Friday.

We’ll make this quick today so as not to impede the weekend’s arrival by even a second.

buzzlineYou saw the story this week about the young man who determined he could save the federal government hundreds of millions of dollars annually? Simply by changing the font used?

Suvir Mirchandani calculated the cost of ink and printing for his local school system just outside Pittsburgh for a science fair project. According to reports, he determined it could save $21,000 annually by switching from its Times New Roman font to Garamond, which has narrower strokes.

Running the numbers for the federal government, the savings totaled nearly $400 million.

In six words, what changes might you recommend to your family, to your company, or to your local, state or federal government to save some dough?


  • No campaigning for office until October.
  • Dump the gym membership. Walk outside.
  • Set printer default to double-sided.

Put your six-word money-saving BuzzLine in the comments below. If we like your idea best, we’ll save you some money next time you head to Starbucks. Coffee on us.

HHASSC (Heartfelt, Hearty and Seriously Sincere Congratulations) to last…

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BuzzLine: PR Acronyms, DIY Edition!

Thanks to intern Shalee Hanson for contributing this week’s BuzzLine post. Enjoy…

Everyone has an opinion about the best way to market, advertise, represent, and even save a brand. As PR professionals, we work tirelessly on research to implement successful advertising strategies, study all of the components for a knock-out campaign or event, consume mass amounts of data to better understand our target audience, and the moment we think we’ve got this whole PR thing down to a science…

Here comes Beyoncé, making ‘No PR’ an actual PR strategy—dropping chart-topping albums without notice like it’s NBD. Because, let’s face it, she’s Beyoncé and she can pretty much do whatever she wants.

However, the ever-evolving list of PR dos and don’ts leaves us with a refreshing freedom to do what we want with our PR philosophy, bringing us to today’s BuzzLine.

Recently, Facebook’s head of tech communications, Caryn Marooney, offered a PR philosophy in the form of an acronym, RIBS. First of all, ribs are delicious. Secondly, it made me a little curious. What would be my PR philosophy in acronym form?

My acronyms may look something like:

  • ADABWD- Always Do As…
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BuzzLine: I <3 DC… and NY, LA, Minneapolis, Richmond and Norfolk

I. Love. Washington, D.C. You might not, and that’s fine by me. (Haterz gon’ hate.)

contact-wdcDeclaring pride in your hometown is empowering. It’s basically like saying, “I am partially defined by and I am totally OK with that.”

In all seriousness, it’s a public acknowledgement of what makes you happy, what makes you feel comfortable and even what you stand for. Even more importantly, hometown pride is something that is shared – it unites us with our neighbors, creating community.

Sure, there are some things about DC that I don’t love. The roads are confusing (“so, you’re telling me that ‘Eye’ Street and ‘I’ Street are the same thing?”), there’s all kinds of traffic (“seriously, I’m going to be late because the president is taking a long lunch break!”) and the ever annoying taxation without representation (“does anyone else find it silly that it’s on our license plates?”).

BUT, there are a lot of great things, too. My six words might go something like:

  • State capital? Try nation’s capital. #Winning
  • Cherry Blossom Festival attracts world travelers.

PadillaCRT has six offices in six wonderful, beautiful and different cities (DC + Minneapolis, New…

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BuzzLine: Be the Next “Between Two Ferns” Sensation!

Between two what? Ferns?

I’m out of the loop, but President Barack Obama isn’t. He appeared Tuesday on the apparently wildly popular web show to push

The appearance received mixed reviews. Many praised it. Many did not.

uwK3b09HRC6FtUYQs6v5_curtainFrom a measurable marketing standpoint, however, a 40% increase in referral traffic to the target website is a success, right?

Now, for this week’s BuzzLine, what would make you a success on Between Two Ferns? What would send your appearance on the show viral across the interwebs?

For a cup of coffee at Starbucks next week, tell us in six words why you should be Zach Galifianakis’ next guest.


  • President. Of the Neighborhood Kegerator Association.
  • I can pogo, play recorder simultaneously.
  • Saw Jane Krakowski once in NYC!

Just leave your six-word pitch in the comments section below. If we think your six words are worthy of Mr. Galifianakis’ time, we’ll send you a SBUX gift card.

Good luck and thanks for playing! And congrats to last week’s winner Josh Munson! Hope Uncle Sam helps you get on the river, Cuz.

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BuzzLine: Save It or Spend It?

uncle samDon’t forget to move your clocks forward this weekend, and don’t forget to pay your taxes.

You have a little over a month to get those returns filed with Uncle Sam.

The sooner you do it, the faster you’ll receive that refund check, if you’ve got one coming to you. According to USA Today this week, the average refund so far this year is up three percent to $3,034.

Surveys show that most Americans will use the cash to pay down debt. Those between 18 and 34 years old are most likely to spend it on shopping or entertainment. What about you?

For a cup of coffee at the nearest Starbucks, tell us in six words what you would do with a $3,000 tax refund.


  • Buy that Flowbee I always wanted.
  • Head to Vegas, hit craps table.
  • Save for Milwaukee Brewers fantasy camp.

Put your six word refund plan in the comments below.

If we like your fiscal policy best, we’ll buy you a cuppa joe.

Winner announced next week. Congrats to Chance who won last week’s Ben & Jerry’s-themed…

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BuzzLine – Help Ben & Jerry’s Create It’s Next Great Flavor!

Ben & Jerry's

This week, the guys at Ben & Jerry’s have caused quite a stir. The Vermont-based company, known for its unconventional ice cream flavors, is attempting to reshape the way we eat the frozen delicacy by introducing four new “core” flavors, each one having all the elements of an ice cream sundae.

Be still my beating heart!

The new flavors – Hazed and Confused, That’s My Jam, Peanut Butter Fudge and Salted Caramel – also are the brand’s first line of ice creams to be 100 percent fair-trade certified and made with non-GMO sourced ingredients.

The four new flavors will be making their debut in winter’s twilight.

Hmmm. Winter’s Twilight … that has a Ben and Jerry’s flavor ring to it! Maybe it’s a mint ice cream with pastel, spring-colored M&Ms.

This week, for a Starbucks gift certificate, put yourself in Vermont, across the table from Ben and Jerry. What if they were looking for more new flavor suggestions? In six words, what new flavors would you propose?


  • Sochi Slush (vanilla with red hots)
  • Berry and the Jets (blueberries, fudge)
  • Mellow Mellow (rocky road,…
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BuzzLine: Facebook’s Next Big Acquisition

what's up docEhh, WhatsApp, Zuck?

Despite recent reports of dropping numbers of teen users, Facebook’s business seems to be booming.

At least, that is, as attested by its recent $19 billion acquisition of mobile messaging service, WhatsApp.

Despite the hefty price tag and seemingly unrelated social media functions, analysts say it was a worthy investment, estimating that WhatsApp and Facebook will “more closely resemble each other over time, potentially creating noteworthy competition.”

Only time will tell.

Rather than stew on the value of Facebook’s latest big buck bargain, let’s whip up some billion-dollar business ideas of our own!

In six words, pitch your $19 billion big idea to Mark Z. in the comments section. There’s no doubt Zuck reads the BuzzLine every Friday!


  • BlockItApp: To block Facebook game requests
  • MiseryLovesCompanyApp: Filter feed by current mood
  • ShouldaBeenThereApp: Experience friends’ videos through teleportation
  • Since money no object, colonize moon.

Once you enter your big idea, don’t forget to stop back in and VOTE for your favorite with our new BuzzLine user voting function.

Ready, set, GO!

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BuzzLine: Winter vs. Summer – An Olympic Competition

olympic ringsWhile the warm Russian weather has the Today Show comparing Sochi to South Beach and cross country skiers wearing tank tops, I still think the Winter Olympics are the coolest. Always have.

The “Miracle on Ice” sent me sock-sliding around the house for days and legendary ski jumper Eddie the Eagle still makes me laugh.

Summer Olympics? Not as much fun, for me at least.

What about you? Speed skating or sprinting? Cycling or bobsledding?

This week on the BuzzLine, tell us why you like the Summer or Winter Olympics better. In six words.


  • Running and swimming and jumping? Boring.
  • Opening ceremony outfits better in winter.
  • Beach volleyball. Need I say more?

Summer Games or Winter Games? You decide and let us know why with six words below in the comments. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite.

You could win a spot atop the BuzzLine podium and a Starbucks gift certificate.

Go for the gold!

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BuzzLine: Sell Out the Super Bowl!

super bowlIt’s Super Bowl weekend!

Going to the game? I hear tickets are still available.

Even with game time forecasts predicting a heat wave of 30+ degrees, ticket prices keep falling.

Is it because the teams aren’t “sexy?”

Is it because a cheap ticket at $1,515 is outrageous for a game in New Jersey between unsexy teams?

Or is it because the BuzzLine hasn’t yet gotten involved to help get this game going? That must be it.

For a Starbucks gift certificate that will keep you warm no matter where $1,500 seats you, give us your best Super Bowl ticket pitch… in six words. Maybe:

  • Not just cold beer. Coldest beer.
  • Witness unexpected halftime wardrobe malfunctions. LIVE.
  • Nothing prettier than Secaucus in February.

Leave your six-word pitch in the comments below, come back and vote for your favorite, and we’ll announce a winner next week.


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