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BuzzLine: What’s Your 2016 Presidential Campaign Promise?

Donald TrumpThe first presidential debate for the 2016 race: A time to question candidates on their policies to better understand their vision for the future, or a heated media frenzy to expose the worst in each candidate? Either way you look at it, you have to admit the first GOP debate was an entertaining one. Whether you really wanted to hear about the issues or just wanted to enjoy a hilarious series of political “burns,” it was well worth the watch.

But the more I learn about the candidates, the more I think any of us would make a better presidential candidate. So we want to know, if you were running in the 2016 campaign, what would some of your six-word campaign promises be?

Mine would be something like:

-        Every Friday is a national holiday

-        Outlaw hair products that Trump uses

-        Maternity leave for new puppy parents

Tell us your six-word campaign promise in the comments below or on any of our social accounts and you could win a $25 Target gift card. Think of it as your first presidential campaign donation.





BuzzLine: Tech-Less… Love it? Or lose it?

The headlines were awash Wednesday with news of high-profile tech breakdowns.

failA router error grounded all United flights. A glitch suspended New York Stock Exchange trading. And the Wall Street Journal’s website crashed. Thursday’s papers were full of quotes about the nation’s growing dependence on technology, which got us thinking.

What would you do… without it?

Would you love disconnecting? Or would you lose your mind?


In six words, tell us how you would spend this weekend with no smartphone, no Wi-Fi, no Facebook, no weather app, no texting, no online reservations, no streaming music, no nothing with an Internet connection, screen or keyboard. Maybe…

  • Wander aimlessly in the backyard.
  • Rediscover box of books in attic.
  • Wish that I didn’t cancel landline.

Leave your six-word BuzzLine in the comments below, and we’ll select a winner at the end of the month.

The winner will receive a $25 Target gift card, which can be used online… if the Internet works…



BuzzLine: Ben and Jerry’s Saving the World?

17384549899_315b90d0c9_zThere’s nothing more refreshing than a cold ice cream cone on a sweltering hot summer day. But what if that ice cream was only 2 degrees warmer and melting down your arm covering you in a sugary, sticky mess? That’s what Ben and Jerry’s wants you to consider with its newest ice cream flavor, Save Our Swirled.

The flavor is part of its newest cause related marketing campaign to encourage people to sign a petition demanding action on climate change when diplomats meet in Paris in December to negotiate a new climate agreement.

With the climate change talks coming up in less than a year, it’s the perfect time for Ben and Jerry’s to execute an on-brand corporate social responsibility campaign and partner with activist groups to make progress toward a common goal. But let’s be honest, the flavor also just sounds mouthwatering: raspberry ice cream with marshmallow and raspberry swirls, along with dark and white fudge ice cream cones…count us in!

If you were Ben and Jerry’s, what would your next ice cream flavor be, or, what would you rename one of their current flavors?

Tell us your six-word  ice cream flavor  in…


BuzzLine: New Apple Watch Features!

Apple Watch?


I can already check stocks, call friends, count steps and tell time with my phone.
If only they’d given some thought to some truly new features.
If only they’d consulted the BuzzLine!

“Siri, why did you not do that?”

In six words, and for a chance to win a $25 Target gift card, tell us what feature you would like to have seen built into the world’s latest, greatest consumer tech gizmo.

Functional features welcome, but so are the fictional and highly unlikely.


  • Laser pointer (for presenting/tormenting presenters).
  • Grappling hook cannon for skyscraper scaling.
  • Beam Me Up, Easy-Button combo.


Whatever you’d have your Apple Watch do, just remember your new feature has a six word limit. Post your six to the comments below and we’ll select a winner later this month. Maybe you can buy yourself a regular watch!

Thanks for playing.


BuzzLine: Fools or Not?

Earlier this week, the pranksters of the world got to celebrate my least favorite holiday, April Fools’ Day…DUN, DUN, DUUUUN. I don’t consider myself a gullible person, but then this special day comes around and I’ll believe literally anything I see—like that Samsung came out with a “smart knife,” or that someone invented a “Selfie Shoe.” It’s infuriating, but brands love it.

Thanks to Adweek.com, I was able to peruse some of this year’s best brand-centric April Fools’ jokes before my gullible paranoia became too much for me. Some of the ideas were too good to be true, like the 5-day cheese cleanse; some of them were probably not far off, like the Domi-NO-Driver; and others were completely ridiculous, like the Double Crunch Oreo…I can’t even.

But there were a couple of ideas that I came across and thought to myself, “Why isn’t this already a real thing?”

Two ideas in particular grabbed my attention as complete, no-brainer ideas:

1. Target’s FannyBasket—I know a few moms out there who would shamelessly sport the FannyBasket on one hip with their precious babes on the other. On the other hand, I know a few more 20-somethings…


BuzzLine: The Furniture that Gives Life

Okay, the title is a little dramatic, but it’s definitely true. IKEA has officially announced its first ever home collection of wireless charging furniture—YA, that’s right, tables and lamps that can charge your mobile devices! Your furniture can now, literally, give life to your other electronics. Magical.

According to IKEA’s press kit, the devices are pretty simple. Each furniture item—be it a desk lamp, side table, or floor lamp—has a plus sign designed into it (as seen below). In order to charge your device, just set your device on top of the plus sign…and voila! I repeat, magical.


Photo via Brand Channel http://www.brandchannel.com/home/post/2015/03/01/IKEA-QI-Wireless-Collection.aspx

The idea behind the chargeable furniture is simple: smartphones are now a natural part of your life, and charging them should be just as natural. I’m feeling like we’re one step closer to the first ever Smart House—Am I right, 90s kids?

Moving on. Thanks to IKEA, we have this month’s BuzzLine: Give us your six-word sales pitch for IKEA’s new wireless charging furniture and we’ll give you a fancy gift card. Your answers may look something like:

  • Lay it on, charge…

BuzzLine: Rip Open a Cold One

After nearly 80 BuzzLine posts, we’re making a couple of changes.

Starting today, you’ll see the BuzzLine appear the first Friday of the month instead of every Friday. Play anywhere you come across the BuzzLine (on the Buzz Bin, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and, if we select your six-word reply, we’ll reward you with a $20 Amazon gift card.

With all that dough, you can get a scone and a cake pop with your latte. Or buy some bird seed instead. Or some car air fresheners. Up to you!

Let’s get to it.

carlsbergLast month, Carlsberg, a huge Danish brewery group that owns hundreds of beer brands and sells north of 35 billion bottles worldwide annually, announced that it would introduce paper bottles within the next three years.

That’s right, paper.

According to the company, the bottles (baggles?) will be 100 percent biodegradable, generate zero waste, comply with the strictest food and beverage regulations and not mess with the taste of the beer they hold at all.

I’ll drink to that.

And I’ll give you six words to come up with a new tagline, call to action or pithy observation of the new,…


BuzzLine: Big Screens and Smartphones and Wearable Technology, Oh My!

The Consumer Electronics Show generated its usual stories from Las Vegas this week about bigger screen TVs, smart this-and-thats and the latest “wearable” technologies.

You know, like the belt that holds up your pants and expands automatically as you eat.

Emiota’s “Bel-T” product “actually adjusts to your size automatically as you get fuller,” according to Fox News.

bel-tSounds great for Thanksgiving, doesn’t it? But there is something that would make it “sound” even greater… a six-word Siri-like announcement that it’s about let your pants out a little!


  • Easy chief, thirds are not advisable.
  • Recalculating. Put the fork down. Recalculating.
  • Ahhh. Expansion complete. Pass the cheesecake.

What six-words would you like the Bel-T to belt out before it loosens up a little?

Share your six-word BuzzLine in the comments below. If we like yours best, we’ll send you a Starbucks gift card.



BuzzLine: Holiday Beer Brainstorm!

There’s pumpkin beer, cranberry beer, pizza beer, steak beer, banana beer… SRIRACHA FLAVORED BEER. This is not a drill; I repeat, this is not a drill.

It’s everywhere, in every shape and size and bottle and color and so forth and so on. We’ve certainly been aboard the beer-buzz train. We gave you a list of amazing Oktoberfest events, told you about the best fall beers, and even how to properly pair your cider. But now we want you to tell us something.

In exactly six words, tell us some holiday beer flavors that absolutely need to exist this season. Some of your must-have beer flavors might look something like:

  • Chocolate Peppermint—Joy to the world!
  • Apple Pie—Twist on American classic.
  • Butterbeer because Harry Potter 1-7, obviously.

Tell us your dream holiday beer, and maybe we’ll send you a Starbucks gift card… they may even be selling your dream beer by the time you use it. Cheers!



BuzzLine: Word of the Year, Unfortunately

Vape. What are some things that come to mind when you hear the word “Vape?” For me, I think of Vicks VapoRub, my humidifier, or hot tubs. You know what I don’t think of when I think of “Vape?” The word of the year. This week the Oxford Dictionaries announced that the 2014 word of the year is “vape.”

“Vape: v.  To inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device.”

The shortlist of words that vape beat out for the coveted title include: bae—a term of endearment for one’s romantic partner, budtender—a person who serves customers in a cannabis shop, indyref—abbreviation of “independence referendum” in reference to Scottish independence, normcore—when ordinary, unfashionable clothing is worn deliberately as a fashion statement, or slacktivism—informal actions performed via the Internet in support of a political or social issue that requires little time or involvement.

This brings us to today’s BuzzLine. In exactly six words, I want to know what YOU think the 2014 word of the year should have been. The word of your choice does not count towards the six word requirement—which you can use as a definition of your word or you can use…