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BuzzLine: What Would Bieber’s Publicist Do?

Baby Bieber (Ah, the good old days...)If you’re even remotely interested in the pop culture scene, you know Bieber has recently, well, lost his way.

Even the completely uninterested likely haven’t escaped the “news” about the 19 year-old’s recent antics – drag racing, taking drugs, drinking and driving, resisting arrest…

And the cherry on top? Rumors about his possible deportation.

Bieber, Bieber, Bieber.  Whatever will we do with you?

If you were Bieber’s publicist, what six words of advice would you give the misguided pop star?


  • Chill! Let Lohan have some ink!
  • You’re living a Bad Company song!
  • Careful… or future at Tim Horton’s.

Leave Justin your six words of wisdom in the comments.

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Now, back to Bieber.

Keep it classy, come back and vote, and… GO!

About Nikki Parrotte:

Nikki serves as a senior account executive in PadillaCRT’s Washington, D.C. office, where her passion for creative solutions and meaningful connections makes her a valuable member of the agency’s consumer practice. She has diverse experience in strategic traditional and social media relations for a variety of industries and audiences from consumer packaged goods to home and housewares and tourism.

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