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BuzzLine: Thank You, Dads

Thanks to Shalee Hanson for contributing this week’s BuzzLine.


I remember when my dad taught me to ride my bike without training wheels. We don’t even need to go into how many times I fell before I finally picked it up, but every time I did my dad came over, untangled me from my bike, and told me to get back on and try again.

He’s always been like that. Try again, don’t quit, be respectful, work hard, be smart, be safe, be kind —these are a few of the things that my dad taught me as I grew up. He also taught me the important things like how to golf, the best way to build a snow fort and the most effective ways to irritate my mom and sister.

This weekend is the weekend that America celebrates all those father figures, which brings us to today’s BuzzLine. We want to hear the six words that you would use to describe your dad. Your answers may look something like:

  • Funny, Smart, Kind, Jokester, Old, Clever
  • The Man. The Myth. The Legend.
  • My dad gave Danny Tanner competition. (Full House reference.)

Leave your six-word answer in the comments and we’ll be announcing the winner of a free Starbucks gift card next week. And hey – maybe you can use it to take Dad out for a treat.

From all of us here at PadillaCRT, we want to say Thank you, Dads, for everything you do!

About Nikki Parrotte:

Nikki serves as a senior account executive in PadillaCRT’s Washington, D.C. office, where her passion for creative solutions and meaningful connections makes her a valuable member of the agency’s consumer practice. She has diverse experience in strategic traditional and social media relations for a variety of industries and audiences from consumer packaged goods to home and housewares and tourism.

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  1.  by  Amy Epstein

    Parent – Friend – Mentor – Leader – Entrepreneur – Superhero.

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