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Buzz Meter: Twitly

With the phenomenon of the micro-blogging tool Twitter, users have one huge friends list. Now, users can group their Twitter friends using Twitly. This new tool allows people to not only sort their friends into groups, but gives them the flexibility to read specific friends’ tweets.

To use Twitly, users must already have a Twitter profile. Once you enter your Twitter information, Twitly automatically populates your current friends list and allows you to start creating your groups and search tweets.


Buzz Meter Ranking: 2 out of 4 Buzz Bees

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Positive: I always believe that it’s easier to manage a mass amount of people into certain categories or groups. Twitly definitely makes ‘twittering’ easier for users who have over hundreds and thousands of Twitter friends.

Negative: The concept of grouping your Twitter friends would be better if you could actually type a tweet using Twitly (I’m always up for a one-stop-shop tool). Time is also an issue because if you are Twitter popular, it might take a while to group your friends.

Conclusion: I think that Twitly has a lot of potential to become a great tool for Twitter users. Although Twitly is not affiliated with the popular micro-blogging site, Twitter should really take advantage of tools like Twitly that would enhance their usership.

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