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Buzz Meter: ammado

clip_image001Now that the holidays are over, it doesn’t mean the spirit of giving is over. ammado is a global community platform of nonprofits, socially responsible companies and engaged individuals dedicated to bring about positive social change through the power of the internet.

ammado was founded as a mission-based, for-profit enterprise in Dublin in 2005. In 2007, a beta version of the site was released. Since then, the site has grown and is now available in 12 languages with activities in over 100 countries and accepts 33 types of currencies. The free service has over 3,000 nonprofit organizations using the site to increase awareness, engage supporters, and accomplish their objectives.

ammado offers two families of products: a stakeholder engagement tool and a giving circle. The ammado stakeholder engagement tool is free for nonprofits and individuals and allows them to use web 2.0 technologies to engage with each other in a unique interactive environment. The ammado giving circle is an innovative donation feature designed to make the act of giving more enjoyable and flexible.

Registered members receive:

  • a member profile that includes:
    • a community passport
    • an opportunity to add supported nonprofit organizations, companies and/or create communities
    • send messages and make comments to friends’ profiles
    • uploading photos and videos (photo-tagging enabled)
  • a chance to make new friends and invite existing friends to join the ammado community
  • widgets – to showcase their support on blogs or other social networking sites

Buzz Meter Ranking: 4 out of 4 Buzz Bees


Positive: Registration for ammado took less than 2 minutes (you have to wait for your verification email before your registration is complete). Searching for nonprofits organizations to donate to is simple. ammado provides a full list of categories and regions to help narrow the organizations you’re looking for. To use ammado, you do not have to be a member. Non-members are more than welcome to donate through the platform.

Negative: Like many transactions occurring over the Internet with credit cards, transaction fees apply. ammado takes 5%of all donations to cover these fees.

Conclusion: ammado is a great community for donating and meeting people with the same passion to give and help others. ammado is an innovative platform for social networking and social cause, and I highly recommend becoming a member.

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11 Comments on “Buzz Meter: ammado

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  2.  by  Unpaid Employee

    I should warn you about Ammado – the directors are Peter Conlon and Anna Kupka and they are also directors of Xsil (www.xsil.com). They refused to pay staff there in September 2008. They refused also to pay any notice period or holiday pay or health insurance. The landlord also claims to be owed one million euro.
    The staff (many with children) were forced to enter the Christmas period without any money. Only this week (January 9th) were staff given their P45s (the document needed by staff to apply for other jobs). This was after several weeks. Peter Conlon has stated that he will not pay wages, in spite of: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/richlist/person/0,,46711,00.html.
    For more information, read this:

    Other institutions are investigating Mr Conlon’s activities such as Enterprise Ireland who provided him with grants and who feel he misused them.

    Please be sensible: if people want to give to charity, then they should just give to charity and not use Ammado.

    Thank you.

  3.  by  Peter

    I think that the Buzz Meter is way off the mark, Read the links by Unpaid. You Mention that all donations are charged at 5%. This is not true. In some cases it is 10%.

    When you read that the owners of Ammado have not even paid their own staff in Xsil since Sept 08. How can you be sure that the money you pay will reach the charity.


  4.  by  Anna Kupka

    Hi Geoff, I have to correct what Peter said – the fee for charity is maximum 5% that’s for credit card fees etc. where an individual donates directly through ammado. In cases where companies get the solution for their employees or customers we charge the company a 10% administration fee and the charity gets 100% of the allocated donation money without any deduction. The same is true for giving vouchers which you will be able to buy online from end of January. Thanks for your post, we really appreciate it.

  5.  by  Peter

    Hi Geoff
    It looks like Anna just agreed that in some cases their is a 10% Fee.
    I also notice that she does not have any comment about not Paying their staff in Xsil. Do Contracts mean nothing to these people.
    A company like Ammado should set out to gain people’s trust.
    If Ammado owners showed that they cared enough to pay their own debts. Then it might show the way they do business in a different light.

  6.  by  Enlightened


    Obviously Peter Conlon and Anna Kupka are not very charitable people at the end of the day when you see what they have done to their own staff at xsil (just before xmas). I personally will never donate a cent through ammado.com to fill the pockets of such unscrupulous people and I hope others will see these people for what they really are and take a similar stance! As stated above if you are going to give to charity, give to the charity not these people!


  7.  by  Geoff Livingston

    I don’t know all the particulars of this situation. I do know that Peter has funded Ammado and built it on his own dollar in the hopes of benefiting charities throughout the world. Let us not diminish the intent of this effort.

  8.  by  niall

    This man has no interest in charity, he is a serial entrepreneur, he just sees the opportunity to make money off the generosity of others!

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