Fractured Utopia

Utopia: An imaginary island described in a book of the same name by Sir Thomas More (1516) as having a perfect political and social system. Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Third Edition, 1996 (ah, graduate school). When the Age of Conversation or similar memes are written about, I think of utopia. The promise of an […]

Scarpias and Iagos

Ahh, the opera. It was great taking my wife to the Met this weekend in New York, and Tosca was simply stunning. Getting away and enjoying ourselves for a little while was very needed, and at the same time it made me realize how lucky I am to have her by my side in this […]

Top 5 Drinks to Celebrate Golden Sochi Moments

        As always, this year’s Olympics have been filled with triumph and tears, and that’s just on my couch! From raging eye infections to brotherly bonds, these memorable Sochi moments call for a celebration with some equally memorable cocktails: 1. Bob Costas’ Raging Pink Eye Maybe Bob has taken to the latest, […]

My Liquor Predictions for 2014: GIF-Style

A few weeks ago, my colleague Pia Mara Finkell wrote about the top three wine trends she expected for 2014. Jumping on that bandwagon here are my predictions for the liquor trends we will see in 2014 to round out January, also known as the month of forecasts. Gin is in – ‘Nuff said. Gin […]

BuzzLine: Give Us a Six-Word Movie Review

Can you feel the excitement? Awards season is in full swing in Hollywood! The Golden Globe winners have already been announced. And, the Critics’ Choice Awards were handed out last night, on the same day the Oscar noms were revealed. Of course, we can’t forget the Screen Actors Guild Awards this Saturday, which we believe is […]

Rumming Around for Summer – Top Reasons to Mix up a Rum Cocktail Immediately

My spirits obsession persists year-round, but nothing says cocktail season like the summer. Yes, I’m partial to delicious bourbon side cars in the fall, and gin with muddled berries in the spring, but summer is the season that most strongly screams for slow sipping on my front stoop. Cinco de Mayo kicks off the season […]

10 Ways Whole Foods is Raising the Bar in #CSR

My love affair with Whole Foods started in college, when I would drive 20 minutes to their nearest store just so I could get my pick of the juiciest grapefruits, creamiest avocados and crunchiest granola in town. Since then, my fondness for the brand has only grown, and while this has a lot to do […]

TEDxRVA: Redefining Inspiration and Creativity

Inspiration and creativity can come from many sources – an elementary art teacher, a cross-country runner, a 16-year-old student, a gold medal Olympian, or even a mom. Simply by listening to others’ ideas, passions, struggles and triumphs, we too can experience the real moments of strangers, reflect on them and become inspired by their example. […]

Boozy musings of a former wine blogger: Lesson #1

THE BOOZE BIN By Caroline Helper (@forgetburgundy) I started my wine blog, Forget Burgundy, two years ago. After a year of blogging, I was finally starting to pick up work as a freelancer, while slowly coming to terms with the fact that no one in New York actually made a living just being a writer. […]

Diluting Your Brand. Literally.

THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara) I’m a bourbon girl. I’ve never been a huge fan of vodka, gin makes me sort of angry and rum leaves a drumbeat in my skull the morning after. I like a range of bourbons, but Maker’s Mark has always been my go-to with its honeyed flavors […]