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5 Wine Blogs for 2012


By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara)

the-well-read-wine-lover-cartoonWith the New Year well rung in and my resolutions still irresolute at best, I thought I’d focus on ways to improve my mind this year. Full disclosure: I am 7½ months pregnant and quickly entering the waddling phase, so delusions of improving my body have flown straight out the window. Plus, given all the at-home time in my near future, I figure when I’m not rocking, changing or gushing over my new little man, I’ll need some good reads to keep my mind from turning (entirely) to mommy mush.

So, on that note, here are my top five go-to wine blogs for staying tuned-in, learning something new, being inspired as a (pseudo)writer and self-proclaimed wine dork, or perhaps just having a good laugh. After getting Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants as a gift, I feel comedic writing is by far the most admirable, so hopefully there will be more than a few good laughs. Given sleepless nights and mom jeans are a foregone conclusion at this point, I’ll likely need it.

1. Dr. Vino

If you’re into wine, you probably already read this blog and for good reason. Tyler’s writing is smart with a dash of dork, and his content teaches me something new almost every time I tune in. From quirky observations and fun facts to juicy exposés with an equally interesting comments section, I read Dr. Vino more than any other and you should, too. Period.  

2. 1WineDude

1WineDude_MIWbadge-8x6Now that this dude has made the scary leap and joined the wine biz full-time (congrats Joe!), we can all look forward to more funny, tell-it-like-it-is blog and vlog posts for the intermediate wine lover. Graduated beyond wine 101? Three pieces of good news for you: everything is more interesting from here, it’s more about enjoyment than dissection (i.e., to really “learn” about this stuff, you have to swallow more than you spit) AND there’s a wine blog just for you. 

3. Dave McIntyre’s WineLine

Since moving from the big city to small-town, Virginia wine country a few years ago, I’ve fallen in love with the local movement, especially #eatlocal and #drinklocal. Dave’s blog has served as a good forum, offering deeper insight into local wine news (and beyond) and new bottles to try. Since I prefer to buy chèvre from a local goat cheese producer, beers from a local brewer and, of course, wine from a local vintner, I appreciate a blog with similar interests.  

4. Terroirist

I got into this blog during last year’s Wine Blogger Conference in my hometown. Simply stated, it is good stuff. I love the format (daily and concise), the weekly winemaker interviews and various contributor voices. And since my free time for reading blogs is limited, as I’m sure is yours, the “Daily Wine News” posts offer a succinct summary of interesting discussions on other wine blogs and news.

5. Drink What You Like

drvino_iamnotacrook_ebenReasons why I like this blog: 1) Frank is a fellow Virginian and through his writing, openly proud of our local juice. 2) He is one of the few people who seems to travel more than me, but makes the best of it through his love of wine and writing. 3) He drinks and writes what he likes, and I tend to like it, too. 4) He has a newborn at home and still seems to find time to enjoy wine, food and time with his family. This gives me hope for the year to come.


Photos courtesy of Wine Travel Media, 1WineDude and Alex Eben Meyer.

About Pia Mara Finkell:

With over a decade of experience in communications, Pia has a strong background in wine, beer and food public relations, marketing and promotional strategy. A vice president in PadillaCRT's Food & Beverage Practice, Pia oversees public relations, traditional and social media programs, strategic partnerships and program development for various beverage alcohol and food accounts, including the Wines of Rioja, Les Vins Georges Duboeuf and the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers. Her agency work has helped win various industry awards, including two Bronze Anvils, Silver Anvil, Bulldog Digital/Social (Gold and Silver), PR News Platinum, two PR News Digitals, Clarion, Big Apple, Commonwealth and a Telly. In 2010, Pia created the weekly BuzzBin column called 'The Booze Bin,' offering up interesting musings on the beverage alcohol industry and all things booze. Depending on the season, what she's cooking, and whether or not the Yankees are winning, Pia can be found toasting a glass or pint of something awesome.

6 Comments on “5 Wine Blogs for 2012

  1.  by  Pia Mara Finkell

    Thanks Chris. That was very interesting, although I noticed Jim hasn’t posted since late Novemeber after he broke the story. Hope that wasn’t all we’ll hear from him!

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