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3 Ideas to Drive Online Community Engagement


By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara)


I’ve had engagement on the brain lately. Social media campaign goals might have once focused on growing online communities, but now our focus is mostly on engaging this community. Who cares how many people like you on Facebook if you’re just shouting from the rooftops into the cyber wind every day? It’s inefficient, of course, but also very, very boring.

Here are a handful of examples to inspire you to better engage your own Facebook community. If you’re looking for the perfect recipe, take a few shakes of snazzy infographics, a dash of gold teeth and blend it into a whole lot of dance craze. Allow me to expand.

1. Try Something Different

The last thing you would expect to be cool is a rap about a German wine varietal, but the funny and quirky team at Wines from Germany put this little gem out there for all to see and share. Does it class up the region? Perhaps not, but I bet it’ll stick in your head and randomly pop out the next time you’re in a wine shop! Way to not take yourselves too seriously, guys.

“Must Be Seduktion”

2. Humanize Your Brand

I love when wineries post videos of goings-on at the winery, especially when it introduces the people behind the wine. Knowing more about the winemaker, the owner and even the friendly folks in the tasting room makes me feel more connected to the wine and more likely to remember them fondly when I’m ordering a glass.

Gangnum Style in Wine CountryThe awesome team at Jordan Winery has really let their freak flags fly, allowing customers a peek behind the curtain at their personal style and silly antics, thanks to an in-house videography department producing some awesome video content. You know you have a down-to-earth CEO and winemaker when they star in their own Gangnam Style parody. Is that their viticulturist dancing with two chickens? Now I’m REALLY a fan.

3. Draw a Pretty Picture

Snooth InfographicAnother good way to add intrigue to posts and encourage them to go viral is through appealing and informative branded images, in particular infographics that share some tasty morsel of unique content.

The wine social networking site Snooth does a great job of offering cool infographics that are attention-grabbing and likely to go viral among wine nerds. Here’s a cool one that breaks down the Truth about Wine Prices.







Videos and photos courtesy of Pinterest News, Wines of Germany, Jordan Winery and Snooth.

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About Pia Mara Finkell:

With over a decade of experience in communications, Pia has a strong background in wine, beer and food public relations, marketing and promotional strategy. A vice president in PadillaCRT's Food & Beverage Practice, Pia oversees public relations, traditional and social media programs, strategic partnerships and program development for various beverage alcohol and food accounts, including the Wines of Rioja, Les Vins Georges Duboeuf and the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers. Her agency work has helped win various industry awards, including two Bronze Anvils, Silver Anvil, Bulldog Digital/Social (Gold and Silver), PR News Platinum, two PR News Digitals, Clarion, Big Apple, Commonwealth and a Telly. In 2010, Pia created the weekly BuzzBin column called 'The Booze Bin,' offering up interesting musings on the beverage alcohol industry and all things booze. Depending on the season, what she's cooking, and whether or not the Yankees are winning, Pia can be found toasting a glass or pint of something awesome.

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