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The Rise of Texting, The Fall of Phone Calls: New Options like Apple’s iMessage Makes Texting Free

By Jeff Wilson, APR (@wilson0507) I admit it. I’m slow to embrace change. The older I get, the more that seems to be true. Case in point, text messaging. I text. Not because I particularly like it. It’s out of necessity. I have friends and family who refuse to pick up the phone to talk, […]

Regional Wine Week: My Love Affair with Virginia (and #DrinkLocal )

THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara) Eating local is all the rage. But what about drinking local? You’re already growing your own tomatoes, peppers and basil, because they just taste so much brighter when plucked right out of the soil. And, of course, you are a big supporter of your local farmers and […]

NASCAR for Kid’s Cancer

By Mike Mulvihill Cookies for Kid’s Cancer was created by a former colleague who lost her six year-old son Liam after a four-year battle with a form of childhood cancer called neuroblastoma. She and her husband founded the non-profit Cookies for Kids’ Cancer early in Liam’s battle when they learned that 25 percent of kids […]

Hub and Spoke Social Media: How the APTA’s Move Forward Campaign Connects Online

By Mike Nelson (@Michael_Nelson) As communicators, we are tasked with what to say and where to say it – a responsibility that is becoming increasingly more complicated with the continued addition of new communications channels. This post outlines one approach to organizing social media campaigns: the hub and spoke. Hub and Spoke Social Media The […]

Using Responsive Design to Tackle the Mobile Web

By Dave Hess Browsing the web using a mobile device is expected to outpace desktop browsing within the next three to five years. This explosive level of growth is going to lead many to consider whether “mobile-friendly” is required to supplement their existing website. However, taking such a fragmented approach to the mobile movement could […]

Steve Jobs-Inventor, Designer, Marketing Genius…a Buzz Bin Tribute

By Jason Stemm (@NYCubsFan) A company lost a leader, an industry lost a visionary and a family lost a loved one yesterday when Steve Jobs passed away. He created and rebuilt a company into something than he may never have imagined as a young man in his parent’s garage. It reminded me of a friend […]

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

For hospitals focusing on positioning themselves for the pending changes associated with healthcare reform, communication will be a critical ingredient to their success.

China Clean Air Champion…What?

By Mike Mulvihill In Monday’s The Harvard Crimson two staff writers posited an interesting macroeconomic/green tech play that could transform China – and the U.S. – through a modern day space race for green technology supremacy. (A role no nation seems too invested in pursuing at this juncture.) The article Green Dragon: China’s $200 Billion […]

Best Practices in Enterprise-wide Social Media Policy: Four Big Brands to Learn From

By Priya Ramesh (@newpr) The recent Nielsen report was a little bit of a shocker for me when I saw the following stats. I mean, how in the world do we have so much free time on hand? BUT these are key indicators to understand how your consumers (and more importantly your employees!) might be spending their […]