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Brand Loyalty in a Recession—who’s Double Dipping?

By Jason Stemm @NYCubsFan Private labels have prospered in the down economy. Store brands are popping up everywhere from drugstores to specialty stores. Most people are surprised to learn that the largest grocery brand in the country is Great Value, Walmart’s store brand. Incidentally, Walmart sells more food than the three largest grocery chains (Kroger, […]

Is PR the New Face of Journalism?

by April Sciacchitano (@aprilcs) Newspapers have been through a cruel cycle. Newsrooms get cut, reporters do more with less and readers and advertisers focus on digital – repeat. The documentary Page One: Inside the New York Times does a great job telling us how 2009’s economic downturn shook the industry. What it doesn’t cover is […]

Brownouts on the Way?

by Mike Mulvihill Great news! New EPA regulations coming down the pike will force many utilities to reduce emissions. The bad news? These same regs could cause us to lose as much as 7 percent of the nation’s electricity generation pretty quickly. The E.P.A. estimates its rule on air toxins and mercury expected out in […]

Mom Bloggers Get More Eyeballs than Some Newspapers: How to Market to Mom Bloggers?

By Priya Ramesh (@newpr) McDonald’s recently rolled out the healthier menu for kids program to spread the word about downsizing the french fry portions and adding apples to every kids’ meal. Besides the usual suspects, Facebook, Twitter and traditional outlets, they cleverly engaged the powerful influence of mom bloggers. Rick Wion, director of social media […]

Why should search engine optimization be a part of your digital strategy?

By Jason Poulos For me, it’s a simple question, but others might struggle when the above question is posed about search engine optimization (SEO). If you want your website to be found through a search engine, your site needs to be optimized in a manner that search engines find friendly. From the content itself down […]

Google+: Where’s the Beef Wellington

By Jason Stemm @NYCubsFan I’ve been on Google+ for over a month now. I was intrigued when people like Chris Brogan and Robert Scoble made the switch. As they quickly discovered, it offers great opportunities for sharing and discussion. I have found slower adoption in the food niche. Access is still limited, and many that […]

He May Be a Doc, But It’s My Foot!

The medical and healthcare professions have got to get its arms around the serious issue of medical errors. It’s an enormous team effort that requires everyone involved to participate, including the patient. Here’s a checklist I created for myself that you might find helpful.

Women in Wine: Drinking our Way to the Top

THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara) Ten years ago, I landed my first gig in the wine industry at a small, but respected wine magazine. Coming out of an all-women’s college known for its influential alumnae (Gloria Steinem, Julie Child, Sylvia Plath, etc.), I don’t remember ever feeling intimidated by what I was told […]

Stop being the “social media helpdesk” and cross-train your company to be social

By Priya Ramesh (@newpr) Don’t become the Social Media Helpdesk. Implement an enterprise-wide social strategy. Online Reputation is everybody’s responsibility and even though the lead social strategist is responsible for maintaining an overall positive sentiment, it is also the responsibility of the social media lead to establish an enterprise-wide social framework where members from a […]

Does BranchOut Have the Muscle to Take On LinkedIn and a Crowded Social Media Landscape?

By Jeff Wilson, APR (@wilson0507) It seems that every few months there is a new social media darling that becomes all the rage. Right now, it’s Google+. While folks are starting to set up Google+ “circles,” there has been another social media player that has stealthily been invading my Facebook newsfeed. Slowly and steadily many […]