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When Facebook, Twitter and Work Collide

By Jeff Wilson, APR (wilson0507) With the start of the fall semester upon us, I’ve started receiving invitations from local colleges and universities asking me to speak to some of their PR classes about what I do and how I do it. Inevitably, I’ll receive questions from eager, young PR minds about social media and […]

Not Another Intern Blog Post: Lessons Learned During Our Summer PR Internship

By the CRT/tanaka Summer Interns Ah, the elusive PR agency internship. It’s one of the most highly coveted summer internships out there, and it’s not always easy to land. We survived the grueling process of resume and cover letter submissions, phone interviews and in-person interviews and the five of us were lucky enough to earn […]

Stop Begging for “Likes” and Start Delivering Content that Makes Me Want to “Like” You

By Priya Ramesh (newpr) How to Stop Asking and Start Giving to Build Your Social Footprint? I swear the next time, I see another brand asking me to “Like” or “Follow” them without giving me a reason to engage with them, I am going to actually take the time to email their social media contact […]

Know Some SEO: Fifteen Basic SEO Principles that Will Help You

By: Jason Poulos (@TheSaganaki) Being knowledgeable and keeping up with any sort of technology or trend can be a daunting task. Sounding smart, strategic and staying on top of your game is key to any sort of client interaction. So, what happens when a spontaneous SEO conversation sparks? Silence? Blank stares? I hope not… Knowing […]

Good Food

By Jason Stemm @NYCubsFan We’ve all been questioned about the point of Twitter, and social media in general. You extoll its power of influence and sharing of knowledge, while your doubting friends and family view it as a narcissistic indulgence. I’ve never had a problem in showing the positive impact of the food industry on […]

Why Hospitals Should Be Facebook Friends with Benefits

By Jenn Riggle   Or to put it more accurately, hospitals need to consider how their “friends” can benefit from their Facebook pages. The good news is that people are turning to Facebook for health information, such as videos and diet and exercise tips. However, hospitals aren’t making the most of this connection. Research shows […]

Recipe for Social Change: The Write Way

By: Ligaya Malones (@kauaiianSun) A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to listen to and participate in some of the most creative and inspiring conversations on topics important to women at this year’s BlogHer conference in San Diego. From discussions on the importance of media literacy, lessons in food photography and perfecting product reviews, […]

Wine Marketing Myths Demystified

By Julie Stas (@Julie_Stas)   I originally set out to write a post on the cork harvest debate, but to my surprise, I found contrasting stories rooted in myths and misunderstanding. I thought to myself, how could so many people think that wine corks were destroying the cork trees? When in fact, the bark is […]

When Brand Is Not King

By Mike Mulvihill The King is dead. (Not Elvis. Well, yes Elvis is dead…never mind.) As of this past weekend, the bizarre royal icon conjured from some creeper van nightmare no longer fronts for the Burger King brand. He’s been dropped for a new ad campaign that focuses on BK’s food. (However, he is still […]

How a search engine works and ranks pages

By Jason Poulos In my previous post, I highlighted a few reasons why SEO should be a part of your digital strategy. In case you missed it, Philadelphia SEO summed it up perfectly. Their response to my post was “Because it works!” Correct! SEO does work, and it should be a part of your digital […]