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PR Advice from an Industry Veteran on Her Birthday: Patrice Tanaka

By CRT/tanaka (@crttanaka) It’s not everyday you get to celebrate the birthday of someone of the likes of this. Public Relations by day, Samba dancing by night, she defines the expression – “Living Life to the Fullest.” As Chief Creative Officer for CRT/tanaka, Patrice is the leading ambassador of the whatcanbe vision. Her work is […]

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide: The Thin-dustry is Coming for Your Booze

THE BOOZE BIN Guest Post By Lauren Heilman (@mslaurenheilman) Three words – bathing suit season. Yes, it’s that time of year again; but even if you aren’t ready, I can assure you alcohol companies and their marketing teams are. Now that summer has finally arrived, the push for convenient, low-calorie refreshers is on the rise. Whether […]

Word Play Politicizes Energy

by Mike Mulvihill An excellent blog post Sunday by Kate Galbraith in the New York Times (Word Choice Matters for Energy Policy) points out the depth of our nation’s political obfuscation on energy policy. Ms. Galbraith points out that when President Barack Obama speaks about the fuels of the future; his term of choice is […]

Pitch it, Pitch it Good: Tips from Marshall Kirkpatrick, co-editor of ReadWriteWeb

By Rosalie Morton @rosaliemo One of the best things about working for a mid-size agency is the quality and intimacy of the training sessions. Our training committee is fantastic, and always looking to us for our input on what WE want to learn about. What is the most evergreen topic in PR? Best practices for […]

In Social Media’s Shadow: Tried and true tactics ready for revival

By April Sciacchitano (@aprilcs) For every trend, there’s a counter trend.  With digital media challenging the industry with a steep learning curve the past few years, we’re now settling in.  We have tweeps and fans, we’re measuring success, and we have an idea of what’s next.  We’re even starting to think in campaigns instead of […]

Buggy Buzz, Dissected.

THE BOOZE BIN By Cassandra Bianco (@cnbianco) Bugs could be sexy. Ok fine…only a little. The New York City cocktail movement has trickled so far along, some bars want something… special to differentiate themselves. So why not fix up cocktails with some additional, natural, seasonings? Creepy is cool, and insect drinks are currently swarming the […]