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Let’s Talk Salt!

“To salt or not to salt that is the question…” the culinary vs. health debate rages on.

Hospitals are Making a Mistake in the Delivery Room – Even If It Isn’t Caught on Camera

By Jenn Riggle While some hospitals are embracing social media and posting videos on YouTube and Facebook, others are taking a step backward. Families have taken photos and videos in the delivery room for decades. But a recent New York Times article revealed that there are a growing number of hospitals that are barring parents […]

Is Personal Brand Dead?

THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara) This weekend marked a changing of the guards as the Oprah of the wine world, Robert Parker, tapped one of his core writers, Antonio Galloni, to review California wines for The Wine Advocate. While his personal brand left its irrevocable mark on the wine industry, this move […]

Social Media’s Super Bowl Cameo

By Mike Mulvihill Our client, Network Solutions, opted to harness the power of social media instead of shelling out $3 million for a 30 second Super Bowl commercial.  And for a fraction of the cost, they generated over 17 million Twitter impressions and 35,000 views of a parody video – and still counting. The video […]

Signs of Real Food Sighted in San Francisco

By Jason Stemm As a child, I remember a bowl of plastic fruit atop my aunt’s end table. I hadn’t thought about it in years until standing outside the Jelly Belly booth at the Winter Fancy Food Show last month. I was holding the latest item to come out of their “Wonka” lab, peas and […]

From Information to Therapy, Social Media Assures Us That We Are Not Alone

By Veronica Hunt Just before the holidays, my daughter came home excited about a new school assignment. In the Golden State, the fourth grade California Missions Project is a rite of passage. Kids across the state are charged with building a model, writing a report or both. My daughter was instructed to build a full-scale […]

Drinking with Digital Natives: 3 Tips for Reaching Millennials

THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara)   Millennials have been called a lot of things, some nicer than others. Let’s get the negative ones out there first: unfocused, fickle, coddled…all entitlement, no drive. As for the nicer stereotypes (likely coming from our ever-adoring helicopter parents), we’ve been called confident, upbeat, experimental and open […]

Choosers of the Slain & Being A Best Place to Work

by Michael Whitlow Our three Virginia offices shared the “Best Places to Work” spotlight (see Principles pay dividends) with a defense engineering company by the name of Valkyrie Enterprises last week, winning our top spot in the small business category as they earned theirs in the mid-sized category. For CRT/tanaka, this was a wonderful tribute to follow a […]