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My 2011 Food Trends

By Jason Stemm  We are already two weeks into 2011, so hopefully the window hasn’t closed for me to place my bets on what we will see in the food industry over the next 50 weeks. These are six of my favorites from across the consumer, retail and foodservice perspectives. What do you see coming […]

Gray is the New Black: Marketing to Aging Boomers

By Jenn Riggle This year, 2.8 million Baby Boomers will turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare. However, the bigger news probably should be that 2011 also marks the year when the average Boomer turns 54. In their mid-fifties, most Boomers have raised their kids, but are still working and starting to plan for their […]

Gentle Reminder: Stop Shooting in the Dark and Start with a Social Media Audit

By Priya Ramesh (@newpr) When was the last time you asked your PR team or agency to do a social media audit? If it’s been more than a year, I highly recommend you start your 2011 marketing efforts with an online reputation audit. Just like any communication audit, before you further invest in social media […]

Pop 2.0: Is Social Media Creating the Next Dot-Com Bubble?

By Jeff Wilson, APR (@wilson0507) Last year, I celebrated my 10th anniversary with my agency, CRT/tanaka. I was hired as a member of our then-Tech Practice, right at the height of the dot-com bubble. It was a heady time for PR. In many ways, we were meandering through an unchartered territory – much like the […]

Unwrapping Insurance for my Birthday: Why Marketers Should Care

By Darby Brignac One in 3 people under 30 say they are not covered by health insurance, compared to 19 percent of Gen Xers or 12 percent of Baby Boomers. I have to admit… I ashamedly fall into that category. People my age don’t understand nor feel the urgency for health insurance. Why should we? Through […]

2011 to Ring in Rapid Growth of Mobile Commerce with NFC

THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara) If 2010 was the year we learned to dabble in social and mobile commerce and to work with social media, 2011 will mark the year we learn to make these mediums work for us. While not nearly a new concept, NFC, or Near Field Communications has topped […]

2011 is Here. Now Let’s Get Serious About Facebook Marketing

By Priya Ramesh (@newpr) Happy New Year! I am sure you are tired of the “Top ten trends in 2011” blog posts that most of us forget anyways in less than ten days so let me take you through a different route with this one I am writing from Bangalore, the Silicon Valley capital of […]