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Can This Client Relationship Be Saved? Tips to Nurture Your Client Relationship to Build Trust, Loyalty and Business

Photo credit: armchairadvice.co.uk By Marcy Walsh (@marcywalsh, mwalsh@crt-tanaka.com) Forgive me for going “Erin Brockovich” on you, but I do believe that our jobs as communications professionals are very personal.  We sell intellectual capital. We sell influence.  We sell ideas and the road map for our clients to build relationships with customers.  And while nothing raises […]

Can Hospital Quality Data Be Social?

By Jenn Riggle What would you do if your doctor handed you the results of a medical test and walked away? Without a medical degree, the results would be jibberish, forcing you to either find someone else to interpret the information or turn to the Internet and try to make sense of it yourself. The […]

Marketing Learnings from Mixologists

THE BOOZE BIN By Cassandra Bianco (@cnbianco) It’s a great job…if you can get it. While mixologists are ideal brand ambassadors for liquor brands, they also act as solid marketers and PR influencers. In a recent conversation with Frank Cisneros of Bols Genever, he pointed out the sought-after brand ambassador gig is virtually the industry’s […]

Evil Energy Ballot Bill

By Mike Mulvihill Mid-term elections are today so get out and vote!  One of the most interesting political battles to be determined in the next 24 hours has no incumbent, no candidate, but there’s plenty of dirt being thrown. If passed (which appears unlikely), California’s ballot Proposition 23 would allow voters to suspend the state’s […]

Wake Up! Your Online Newsroom Might Need a Makeover?

By Priya Ramesh Do you know where journalists and bloggers go first to dig out more information about your company? Yes, it’s the online newsroom. According to the 2010 Bulldog Reporter/TEKgroup International Journalist Survey, which included journalists working across all media: Nearly half of all journalists report visiting a corporate website or online newsroom at […]