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Nuclear Intrigue Abounds

By Mike Mulvihill Dubya was never one of my favorites, but this week’s Wikileaks exposed that his Axis of Evil label is likely well-earned given what we now know about nuclear collusion between North Korea and Iran. Per the stories in the New York Times and Financial Times, Iran obtained a cache of advanced missiles, based […]

A Conversation with Ryan Opaz of Catavino: Building Loyalty and Trust Among Your Consumer Base in a Digital Age

THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara)  Wine is by no means the only industry playing in the social media sandbox (for more on this, read any of the Buzz Bin posts below), but it may very well be the one deserving the ‘Most Improved’ award. Formerly stodgy and proud, over the past few […]

Lost in Translation: How Inconsistency Can Strengthen Your Brand

By Emily Valentine @ebvalentine If you’ve ever worked on a branding project, you know that one of the keys to brand success is maintaining consistency across all communication channels. Your logo should appear in the same color, shape, format and font everywhere it is used, and all your communication materials – from your letterhead and […]

PR 101 for Bloggers

Over the years I’ve heard many horror stories from writers and editors about the terrible pitches they received, from silly booboos like not leaving a name or phone number in a voice message to neglecting to include product samples in the editorial kit to real blunders, those “what were they thinking?” episodes, like shipping ice […]

Facebook Is Good Medicine for Caregivers

By Jenn Riggle Baby Boomers are doing more than just catching up with high school friends and looking at photos of their grandbabies on Facebook. New research shows they’re turning to Facebook as a way to deal with the daily stress of caring for elderly parents or family members who are critically ill. According to […]

Social Media Meets Social Commerce as Wine Enters the Flash Sale Fray

THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara) With the wildfire rise of online private sales, infiltrating everything from fashion to travel to restaurants, it was only a matter of time before wine lovers had sites to call their own. The newest invitation-only site to join the digital, flash- fray, Lot18 is brought to you […]

What’s the Most PR Can Do?

by Michael Whitlow After a few decades in the business, I have seen the profession of PR change pretty dramatically.  “Make your work your play and your play your work,” Phil Jackson is reported to have said, and the advice still makes sense to me in the context of our business. It can be very […]

Five things PR and Marketing Should Break Free From in 2011

By Priya Ramesh (@newpr) Last Monday, I had the opportunity to talk social media trends and what’s next with Chief Marketing Officers in the healthcare space at the Innovator’s Studio in Chicago. As part of the discussion, we were asked to break into two groups and identify a few traditional PR tactics that the CMO’s […]

People Are Talking In Press Releases, But Is Anyone Listening?

By Jenn Riggle Press releases are an important way for organizations to share information with key audiences, but too often, executive quotes are throwaways. You know the ones I mean – executives saying “how excited they are about a partnership” or “how pleased they are to be selected for a project.” Who cares? The idea […]

My Kingdom for an Energy Policy

Photo Credit:  demetriusking.com So where does America’s national energy policy stand after the mid-term elections?  There are lots of companies, investors and individual’s waiting to makes bets on the answer to that question. Overall, our energy policy is a mess.  Scattered, shattered and in need of some bi-partisan rework.  A guest post from Exxon Mobil’s […]