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Orthodontists Need to Brace Themselves for Social Media

By Jenn Riggle A new survey of 9,000 orthodontists and dentists reported that most orthodontists and dentists are struggling to incorporate social media and marketing into their practices . While 95 percent of those surveyed reported having a website, only 50 percent had a Facebook fan page. But when you think about it, social media makes […]

Virtual Drinking: How to Use Social Media for Small Business Success

THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara)   I’m a sucker for a bargain. Though my mother is an avid shopper of the abundance mentality (the experience is something like supermarket sweep), I’ve always taken more after my father in this regard, whose great purchasing success stories tend towards “Check out my new golf […]

Nuclear Death Knell?

By Mike Mulvihill Did you hear it – that tiny peel of a bell? It came from somewhere over by the resurgent nuclear power industry. And it’s not good. Constellation Energy announced Saturday it was unable to obtain a workable U.S. loan guarantee for its new nuclear power plant in Maryland being built in partnership […]

Don’t be a Donkey Talking Social Media Metrics. Show Your C-Suite Real Business Impact

By Priya Ramesh (@newpr) CEO: “I don’t care about Friends and Followers. Show Some Real Action from our Social Engagement. PR Director/Social Media Rock Star: But I spent $XXXX on getting 5k+ followers on Twitter. So it’s the fourth quarter of 2010 and some of you are probably compiling the much anticipated PR quarterly report […]

What Do Cupcakes Have in Common With Social Media?

By Jenn Riggle I read an interesting article the other day about how despite tough economic times, the cupcake industry is booming. People can’t seem to get enough of these tasty treats. Cupcakeries, or cupcake cafes, are popping up everywhere – even in my hometown of Norfolk, Va. In fact, The Wall Street Journal credits […]

When Sales Slump, Go Social My Friend

 THE BOOZE BIN By Pia Mara Finkell (@piamara) Based on a ‘Vint-ed’ post he wrote last month, Edward Deitch published an interesting article in Reuters today focusing on the stunning increase in social media use in the wine industry over the past year, mostly attributed to the effects of the economic downturn. According to a […]

Fast, Decisive Action?

By Mike Mulvihill Back on July 27th, when BP announced that Bob Dudley would replace Tony Hayward as CEO, the Buzz Bin suggested six tips for the new guy in charge to follow.  Last Friday, October 1, Mr. Dudley finally took over the reins of BP (a full nine weeks after the announcement).  So how […]

Are You Spending First on Mobile Websites Vs. Mobile Apps in 2011?

By Priya Ramesh (@newpr) Ever since I got my iPhone4 this July, I find myself reaching out to the phone to search for information versus the laptop. From maps, movie times, weather info, checking my bank balance, fall shopping to making flight and hotel reservations, I now go on a Safari on the iPhone. The […]

The Big Money Speaks

By Mike Mulvihill Over the past few years, we’ve heard a lot about billions in federal funding to stimulate investment in and development of renewable and alternative energies. However, one event of the past week highlights the old adage that if you want to know where the action is you should follow the money. In […]