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By Mike Mulvihill Prince has declared the Internet is dead. So the millions of folks out there viewing porn (you know who you are) have been elevated to a whole new class of deviant behavior – Internetrophilia. Yuck!   It’s a little less risqué for those of us using social media, the spawn of the Internet. […]

Going The Distance

Is social media sustainable? It has proven current value. But what is the next big thing – where will customers demand the market to meet them? Or more importantly when the “shiny” wears off – how will social media evolve to be fresh? “When an object of design is long lasting, it has two concurrent […]

CIOs Are Sticking Their Heads in the Sand by Blocking Social Media

  By Jenn Riggle There’s a myth that ostriches stick their heads in the sand when frightened. Come to think of it, CIOs are doing the same thing when they block social networking sites. An October 2009 survey released by IT recruitment firm Robert Half Technology reported that over half of U.S. workplaces block social […]

The Evolution of Food Definitions

Human language is in constant evolution. New technologies give us words like “ringtone” and changing interests give us words like “agritourism” and “locavore” to add to our lexicon. Occasionally we have words where agreement on meaning is difficult, like when we talk about “local” and “organic” food. Farmers markets have seen tremendous growth in recent […]

Hospitals Can Have a Mobile Strategy Without Developing an App

By Jenn Riggle The popularity of the iPhone and Droid phones are being driven by people’s desire for features and functionalities – and for easy-to-use mobile apps. Physicians, like everyone else, want to have information at their fingertips, which is why they’ve been so quick to adopt the iPhone (and now the iPad). It’s clear […]